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World news – Ice, snow, dangerous cold in Alabama: traffic cameras, road conditions, power outages

How to see traffic cameras in Alabama when winter weather brings ice and snow.

Heavy fog and ice near a 20 car wreck on Highway 231 near Lacey’s Spring, North Alabama

⚠️Traffic Warning: Officials are closing the Memorial Parkway in both directions due to freezing conditions. Officials are also closing Research Park Blvd to the north and south. Please avoid the areas and stay safe. pic.twitter.com/ZEc71phj1H

“Blackouts are scattered across Limestone County and branches and trees keep falling. Linemen are further hampered by the dark and freezing streets. Depending on the problem, some outages may last tonight and until tomorrow. The crews work as quickly as possible and attach great importance to safety. If you leave comments on the city’s Twitter and Facebook or send tips to Nixle, your address will not be transferred to the mailing system. Call 256-232-1440 to report an outage, downtime, or other emergency. You may have to call more than once because the lines are busy. “

Our power generation fleet is currently covering the electricity needs in our service region with seven states during this winter storm! (1-2) pic.twitter.com/XEUPwmBSqE

Ice collects on power lines & branches. The Athens Utilities crews are working to resolve scattered outages in Athens. & Limestone Co. outages may continue to be an issue during this weather event. Please note that the crews are working as quickly as possible, making safety a priority. pic.twitter.com/43u0RZNACB

All county roads and bridges in Lamar County should be considered impassable, according to the county engineering firm.

All roads in Pickens County are impassable, according to the county engineering firm. Only emergency vehicles should drive on county roads and bridges, officials said.

From the Hamilton Police Department: Due to the bad weather, all roads in the city of Hamilton are closed until further notice, with the exception of the emergency services. Please do not drive unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

All Colbert County roads have been classified as impassable. State and federal highways have icy conditions.

According to the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency, all county roads in Franklin County are impassable.

Hamilton has several wrecks with icy conditions on I-22. State forces report deteriorating conditions on the west side of I-22.

The Bankhead Tunnel (US 90) will be closed from 5pm to 5.30pm this evening. while a deicing agent is being sprayed onto the roadway. The Highway Patrol Division of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is asking drivers to find an alternative route and anticipate possible delays during this time.

Impassable roads

The roads are getting worse by the minute. Trees are falling over the streets and we received …

@spann @ jpdice_Fox6 @jillgilardi @WBRCnews Seeing ice cream in Haleyville on power lines via ALGO cameras … #alwx #winterwx #wxtwitter pic.twitter.com/sU2J4fAkRx

We highly recommend staying home if you can today. If you do need to go out, we ask that you be extremely careful. https://t.co/MBkmQaJj21 pic.twitter.com/TZcayVJhW0

The scene on Highway 231 is now clear. Only minor injuries were reported.

⚠️HWY 231 remains closed at this time.

Excellent …

Daylight is beginning to creep in on Highway 231. The Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Lacey’s Spring Volunteer Fire Department, ALDOT, EMS, and Troopers are on site.

9:40 AM – Northwest Alabama, ice on the US 43 / AL Highway 17 bridge in both Directions reported in Hackleburg. Icy conditions were also reported in all directions on Highway 17. @ in front of River Rd / County Road 35 in Sulligent.

9:30 am – According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agnecy, Alabama Highway 133 runs from Singing River Bridge to Veterans Drive in Colbert County, US Highway 43 and the Alabama Highway 24 in Franklin County, Alabama Highway 157, and Alabama Highway 20 in Lauderdale County. Alabama Highway 101 and Alabama Highway 20 on Town Creek, Alabama Highway 33 in the Mill Pond area in Lawrence County are icy or have icy spots.

Other ice bridges are Alabama Highway 17 in the Sulligent area of ​​Lamar County, Interstate 22 and US Highway 43 in the Hackleburg area of ​​Marion County.

According to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, at least 20 vehicles were involved in a wreck in northern Alabama.

The sheriff’s office reported the accident around May 6 : 28am on Highway 231 North on Husky Private Drive near the bridge in Laceys Spring. The office said there were no major injuries, but the southern lanes are being blocked by emergency services. North lanes are blocked and covered with ice.

[Update] Large vehicle is piling up. No major injuries. 231 blocked in both directions. To the north is an ice sheet pic.twitter.com/LMUlS6l0hL

Major crash on US231 both of you. @ MP 303.3 near A L36 in Morgan County. Road closed. Find an alternative route. More details: https://t.co/mCjfnSicNd

Icy road conditions have been reported throughout the northwest and north of central Alabama, with the situation expected to worsen as the day progresses and another round of winter weather sets in.

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