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Abhinav Kohli reveals that Shweta has hidden her son in the Hyatt Regency. He said that Shweta is hiding in the Hyatt Regency with son Reyansh and when he went there no one refused to help him as Shweta has changed her name there. Abhinav said that seeing two vehicles parked outside the hotel and then the son’s nanny, he came to know that Shweta Hyatt is in the Regency.

When the hoteliers could not help Abhinav too, he called the police and sought his help. Abhinav Kohli further said that even the police was not able to help him and then requested that he somehow introduce the son. Abhinav was able to talk to the son with the help of the police but his son refused to meet him.

Abhinav Kohli further said that what Shweta Tiwari did to Raja Chaudhary is what she is doing with him. They want the same person who listens to them and follows them. Abhinav Kohli also claimed that Shweta had not made a case of domestic violence against Raja Chaudhary nor had Raja taken any alimony from her. Rather it was Raja Chaudhary who gave Rs 50 lakh to Shweta Tiwari.

Abhinav Kohli said that he has all the evidence when son Reyansh was with him and how Shweta used to come and convert her son. She said that Shweta wants to subdue her son and wants to do her will. Abhinav has also shared some videos on his Instagram account, one of which shows Shweta refusing Abhinav to come indoors.

Meri achai ka fayda uthaaya May se September tak door rakha corona hua toh bacha de diya jab bacha nahin aana chahta tha tab maine bola aao usse samjhao aur pyaar se le jao aur mujhe kya mila bache se cheen liya My goodness was misused First kept me away from my child from May to September then gave him when he had Corona and when he did not want to come I asked you to come and convince him and what did you do with me you ran away with him yesterday I found you after so much difficulty and you did not let me see him even for a second How much will you do wrong to me I also want to see your limit

maine ghar aane diya jab bacha mana karta tha Jitni der chaha utni der convince karne diya Bache ke sone tak tum rehti thi aur mere saath kya kiya ghar main ghusne nahin diya Aur phir bacha leke bhaag hee gayi taaki woh mujhe mill na transl aur soche ke main hee milne nahin aa raha I let you in the house let you convince him hours when he didn’t want to sleep with you, be with you and what did you do snatched him from me You did not let me enter your house you ran away with him to hotels so that he doesn’t meet me at all and thinks I don’t Love him I don’t come to meet him

Shweta Tiwari, Abhinav Kohli, Raja Chaudhary

World news – IN – Abhinav Kohli yearning for son – Shweta Tiwari did what Raja did to me
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