World news – IN – From Dipotsav 13: You can buy Dhantrayodashi according to the zodiac sign, worship Lord Dhanvantari and Yamadeva on this datemr


Dipotsav starts from November 13 this year The 13th is Dhantrayodashi Due to the difference in the calendar, Dhantrayodashi has been announced on the 12th in some places Ujjainche Jyotishacharya Pt According to Manish Sharma, it is customary to pay special homage to Lord Dhanvantari and Yamadeva on Dhantrayodashi. This date can be purchased according to one’s own zodiac sign In ancient times, on this date, Bhavan Dhanvantari was revealed from Samudra Manthan He had a nectar urn in his hand He is considered to be the deity of Ayurveda Find out here, what to do and what not to do on Dhantrayodashi according to the zodiac

Aries people will be happy to buy gold, silver, pots, jewelry, diamonds, clothes Leather, chemical etc. Don’t buy things either

Taurus – Gold, silver, brass, diamonds, computers, pots etc. Purchasing items will be auspicious You can also buy saffron and sandalwood Do not buy fertilizers, vehicles, oil, leather and wood products

People of Gemini zodiac sign have land, house, plot etc. Beneficial days for transactions Topaz, gold, silver etc. Things can definitely buy Don’t lend to anyone

Cancer – You can buy gold, silver, pottery, brass, textiles, iron and products made from it. Don’t make big investments right now Only buy branded goods

Lion – can buy vehicles, electrical appliances, gold, silver, brass, utensils, wooden items Avoid buying items made of iron and cement Buying silver will remain profitable You can also bargain for a built house

Virgo – In addition to precious metals, diamonds can buy a new vehicle Land, house, plot There will be benefits in things too Don’t buy on credit

Libra – You can buy items made of gold, copper metal In addition the day is good for shopping for decorative items You can buy anything other than iron You can also buy a vehicle on this day

Scorpio – You can buy gold, silver, pottery, brass, clothes, iron and the like Stay away from investing Remember, only branded items should be purchased

Sagittarius – Jupiter is in this zodiac sign You can get special benefits from land and real estate Precious metals can also benefit

Capricorn – This will be a good time for you Purchases of all items can benefit Clothing and gold will be auspicious

Aquarius people will be auspicious to buy books, vehicles, electronics, wooden furniture, home decor

Pisces – Gold – Silver, gems, etc. are good yogas for shopping Invest wisely in the stock market Can buy clothes and jewelry

Dhanteras, Dhanvantari, Muhurta, Diwali

World news – IN – From Dipotsav 13: Dhantrayodashi can be purchased according to the zodiac sign
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