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New Delhi. Rapper Cardi B often leads in disputes. Once again, she is seen to be trapped in the Controversy. The case is related to the promotion of a shoe. Actually, Cardi posted a picture in which she is seen posing for the Hindu goddess ‘Durga’. In this way she is promoting the sneaker brand. The picture is believed to have been shared with reverence and Cardi B is shown as a ‘warrior woman’ holding red shoes with 8 hands.

However, some social media users did not like this representation. Many criticized Cardi for comparing this image to Durga Maa. When the ‘cardi’ trend started happening on Twitter after some time for hurting people’s feelings, they have apologized by posting their Instagram. He wrote, ‘Friends, forgive me. I did not mean to insult anyone’s culture. I cannot change the past, but I will be more alert for the future. Love you guys. ‘

People are saying Cardi B is paying homeage to our hindu goddess Durga So as a Hindu I want to say that:
1-Wearing a shoe in a temple is prohibited
2-Durga maa is not to be used as an aesthetic
3-Durga maa is NEVER depicted bare bodied

Cardi B using Durga Maa to sell trainers?? When are people gonna realise our gods and goddesses aren’t there to be mimicked

Cardi B holding a shoe as her homage to Goddess Durga is NOT IT It really is disrespectful Sorry Americans, do better please #CardiB

In his video posted on Instagram, he said, ‘When I shot this, the producer told me that you are going to represent power, femininity and liberation and these are the things that I love. If people feel that I am opposing their culture or religion, then I want to say that it was not my objective. I do not like to hurt anyone’s religion. If anyone does this with my religion, I will not like it either.

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World news – IN – 8 Cardi B holding a red shoe with hands posed like Hindu goddess ‘Durga’, Anger of people


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