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Bureau Report, Zee Media, Sriharikota: EOS-01, an indigenous satellite launched by PSLV C49 The satellite imagery will be used for agriculture, forestry and disaster management At the same time, China’s movements will be recorded by this satellite

Along with the main satellite, one small satellite from Lithuania, four from Luxembourg and one from the United States Earlier, the GIAT-01 satellite launch mission to Sriharikota on March 5 was postponed due to technical glitches. The GSAT30 was launched on January 17 with the help of the European Space Agency ISRO is once again ready to launch a satellite from Indian soil after a lapse of 8 months due to the Corona crisis. ISRO, which has successfully completed a number of notable missions in the field of space, has now been crowned with another award.

ISRO’s PSLV-C 49 launch vehicle with a total of 10 satellites will be launched at 3 pm 2 minutes Of these, one is from India and the other nine are from other countries India’s EOS-01 Earth observation satellite, Lithuania’s technology demonstrator, Luxembourg’s four maritime application satellites, US’s Lemur multi-mission remote sensing satellite launched into space todayAll these satellites were launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota

The only Indian satellite in space is very important for the country This is a developed series of Earth observation reset satellites It is equipped with synthetic aperture radar He keeps an eye on the earth at any time and in any weather The feature of this satellite is to observe the earth even when it is cloudy and take clear pictures This satellite is very important for the security of the country due to border surveillance In addition, the satellite will be useful for agriculture as well as disaster management

This is ISRO’s first launch this year ISRO plans to launch GSAT-12R communication satellite by PSLV-C50 rocket in December 

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Indian Space Research Organization, Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, Sriharikota, Satish Dhawan

World news – IN – PSLV C 49: इस्त्रोचा स्वदेशी उपग्रह झेपावला अवकाशात
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