World news – IN – Results of this assembly seat will be delayed, know when the result of which assembly will comehi


भोपाल In Vidhan Sabha by-elections, counting of 28 assembly constituencies of 19 districts of the state will be held on November 10 at 8 am at the respective district headquarters. The highest number of rounds in the counting of votes will be Assembly Constituency No. 16 in Gwalior District – 32 rounds in Gwalior East and 18 rounds in Assembly Constituency No. 87-Anuppur in the lowest Anuppur District.

In which district how many roundmuraina district assembly constituency number 4-Jaura 27, assembly number 5-5 in Sumawali, assembly area number 6-Morena 27, assembly area number 7-Dimani 23, assembly area number 8 23 in Ambah, Assembly number 12 in Bhind district-27 in Mehgaon, Assembly number 13-24 in Gohad, Assembly number 15 in Gwalior district 15 in Gwalior, Assembly number 19 in Dabra, 24 in Datia district. Assembly Constituency No. 21 – 19 in Bhander, Assembly Area No. 23 in Shivpuri District, 26 in Karera, Assembly Number 24 – 23 in Pohri, Assembly Area Number 28 in Guna District – 23 in Bamouri, Assembly Area Number 32 in Ashoknagar District. There will be 22 rounds in Ashoknagar and 21 in assembly number 34-Mungavali.

Assembly constituency number 37-Surkhi in Sagar district, 22 in Chhattarpur district assembly number 53-Malhara, 23 in Raisen district assembly number 142-Sauchi 27, Rajgarh district assembly number 161-Biaora 25 , Agar-Malwa District Assembly Constituency 166-Agar 24, Dewas District Assembly Constituency 172-Hatpipalya 21, Khandwa District Assembly Constituency 175-Mandhata 21, Burhanpur District Constituency No. 179-Nepanagar 26 , Dhar District Assembly Constituency No. 202 – Badnawar 22, Indore District Assembly Constituency No. 211 – Sanver and Mandsaur District Constituency No. 226 – Suvasara will have 28-28 rounds.

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World news – IN – Results of this assembly seat will be delayed, know which assembly When will result
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