World news – IN – Women afraid of Sati’s curse do not observe Karva Chauth’s fasthi


मथुरा Karva Chauth is a festival which every Suhagin woman celebrates and fasts for the long life of her husband, but there is also an AC place where the festival of Karva Chauth is spread with silence. Suhagin women do not worship even if they keep fast. Please tell that the Surir town of Mathura where Karva Chauth festival is not celebrated for many years.

Hundred years old orthodox tradition continues in the town of Surir, 60 km from Mathura. Call it a curse of Sati or Baddua Suhagin of a consoling wife, women do not observe Karva Chauth and Aghoi Ashtami fasts for the longevity of their husbands. If a married woman tries to break this tradition, it happens to her. In fear of this untoward, there are dozens of families in Karha Chauth, whose house is not celebrated even today in Mohalla Bagha of Surir town. Nor do married women sing sixteen singers.

It is said that about two hundred years ago, a Brahmin young man from village Ramangala Nauzhil was returning home with his wife from his in-laws’ house. While going through Surir, there was a dispute with the Thakur community people about buffalo buggy in Wagha locality. In which the Brahmin youth was killed at the hands of these people. Enraged by the death of her husband in front of her, the wife of the deceased became sati cursing these people. As if there was havoc in the locality after the incident. Due to the death of many young people, women started getting widowed. Mourning, fear and panic began to create chaos in the family of these people.

Some wise elderly people started worshiping Sati by constructing a temple in the locality, apologizing it as a curse of Sati. Due to which the effect of Sati’s wrath came to an end but Sati imposed a ban on the festival of Karwachauth and Ahoi Ashtami, celebrating the longevity of husband and sons in their family. Since then, the women of his family do not even decorate the whole festival. The people of the locality believe the story of this Sati curse that has been going on for centuries. Sati is also worshiped in the temple.

Sati’s wrath is reduced to the women of the locality with the puja archana. But Suhagin women do not celebrate the festival of Karva Chauth and Aghoi Ashtami. The newlyweds, who came to her in-laws after getting married, are aware of this story. So she is disappointed. Karva, kept for the longevity of her husband, does not keep the festival of Chauth. A woman named Babita and an elderly woman, Sunhuri, said that ever since we got married in this village, till date we neither saw anyone observing the fast of Karva Chauth nor did we keep the fast of Karva Chauth. . The same newlywed Seema also looked disheartened and said that the way she has heard the story here, keep fasting and even stop thinking about fasting.

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World news – IN – Women afraid of Sati’s curse do not keep fast of Karva Chauth
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