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Washington: Democratic Party leader, US Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris హ A video of him having a fun conversation with his granddaughter is circulating on social media « You too can be president, » said Kamala as a child. ‘‘ Just like Grandma Even that child is certainly not likely to one day turn the wheel of superpower politics, ”netizens commented. Kamala Harris is of Indo-African origin It is well known that she made history as the first black woman to stand in the Super Presidential Vice Presidential race She has been immersed in the election campaign till now in this order Sister Maya Harris’ granddaughter Amara Azagu (4) hangs out for a while after taking a break from her busy schedule.

The lotus who sat the baby down and kissed him « Can I win the US presidency? » He asked patiently « You too can be president But it will only be possible after you are 35 years old « Okay, » she sighed Immortal who responded to this ‘‘ Yes But can I be the president of Astronaut?  » The grandmother-granddaughter conversation continued for about an hour Kamala Harris ‘sister Maya Harris’ daughter Meena Harris shared a video on Twitter Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964 in California to Shyamala Gopalan (Tamil Nadu) and Donald Harris (Jamaica). She has a sister, Maya Harris However, her parents separated when Kamala Harris was seven years old (Read: Viral: Biden as Captain America, Trump as Thanos!)

With this, both the children were taken over by their mother Shyamala Two of the sisters have degrees in law While Kamala excelled in politics Maya worked as Hillary Clinton’s lawyer and consultant Maya has a daughter, Meena Harris She is also a lawyer He also wrote books for children It is known that Kamala Harris married her fellow lawyer Douglas Emoff. Kamala Amma is sharing her love for her two children through Douglas’ first wife As part of the first speech after Joe Biden announced his running mate « My husband Doug, how we have children like gems, Cole, » he introduced his family to the world. Meanwhile The presidency is on the verge of taking over His election as president is going to be a formality The Biden community was overjoyed(Saying no to them is my breakfast: Kamala Harris)

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Kamala Harris, United States, India

World news – IN – You too can be president!
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