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Tue 23 Mar 2021 11.54 GMT

First published on Tue 23 Mar 2021 07:00 GMT

11:54 a.m. GMT11: 54

47th by: India 271-5 (Rahul 39, K Pandya 38) The fraternal subplots continue as in an episode of EastEnders. Tom Curran tosses a perfectly decent ball to Krunal Pandya, who flicks it with a curlicue for six. Then he goes on his way, Curran sees him coming and digs him in, but Pandya adapts and plays a tennis smash for a single. His 38, on debut, only withdrew 22 balls.

11.49 a.m. GMT11: 49

46th past: India 260-5 (Rahul 37, K Pandya 29) Buttler maintains belief in Rashid more in the past than anything he has done today. Rahul says thank you and sweeps for four. Rashid has chosen 66 of his nine overs and will certainly not get a tenth, as this partnership has increased from 34 balls to 55.

11.45 a.m. GMT11.45

45th by: India 250-5 (Rahul 31, K Pandya 25) England needs to get rid of Krunal Pandya, so butler invites Tom Curran, the man in the bandana, to take revenge on his brother’s behalf. Krunal stands there calmly and delivers with a golf swing back over the bowler’s head. And Rahul also goes out of the air with one hand after spotting a slower ball. The look of the game has changed again.

11.40 a.m. GMT11: 40

44th over: India 238-5 (Rahul 25, K Pandya 19) Jos Buttler, who runs the show in Morgan’s absence, turns back to the spin, which given the fact that the sailors did so well have is brave. It was a backward swing. It’s Rashid, and Rahul cashes in for six on a straight ride into the nonexistent crowd. Rahul made more runs today than in four T20 series games (15). Rashid then throws two wides, the only horizontal ones in the innings. There was one who was called hard up by Sam Curran.

11.33 a.m. GMT11: 33

43. over: India 225-5 (Rahul 15, K Pandya 18) Krunal, perhaps concerned that we think he’s just a Larry on the leg side, drives Stokes through the roof for four more, but That is another advantage from Stokes who has three for 34 out of eight. On WinViz, India now has a 61-part chance, England 37, with a tie right up there at 2.

11:29 am GMT11: 29

42nd by: India 219-5 (Rahul 13, K Pandya 13) There is a curran for a Pandya, and there is no brotherly love as Krunal plays two moves for four. The first got a little lucky and only just skimmed the man in Midwicket, but the second was incredibly good, had a long leg and flicked the over into the same spot for four. He caught up with Rahul after seeing just seven balls and suddenly India woke up again. Where do they get all these nonchalant debutants from?

11:24 p.m. GMT11: 24

41. past: India 206-5 (Rahul 13, K Pandya 1) So a Pandya leaves to be replaced by another. Krupal, who looks just as cool as Hardik. He shows no nerves on the debut and pulls his first ball for a single. But injuries aside, this is another blast for England, whose sailors have won four for 42 in the last decade.

11.20am GMT11.20

The collapse continues! Stokes persuades Hardik to try a guide for the third man and give Jonny Bairstow an easy catch while slipping. We thank Morgan for the slip, or it could have been Buttler, since Morgan is off the field after a blow to the hand.

11:17 p.m. GMT11: 17

40th over: India 205-4 (Rahul 13, Hardik 1) Rahul has to do something, so he steps back and pulls Sam Curran for six! This is the way to get out of a rut.

« Pandya and Pandya » muses Abhijato Sensarma. « Hardik at 6, Krunal at 7 and both of them stepping in for fifth bowler quota » They have the potential to be a symbiotic solution to many LOI problems in India. Krunal hasn’t had a spectacular cricket run lately (he’s been good as always) so he’s only on the team because management sees the need to change their eleven. Structure. Hopefully they give Pandya & Pandya the time they deserve. “

On Sky we’re going to an ad for the Halifax Building Society with a soundtrack from Oasis (Stand By Me), so now there are three groups of brothers in action.

11.11 a.m. GMT11: 11

39. over: India 197-4 (Rahul 6, Hardik 0) India would have much rather lost Rahul than Dhawan. The way it is, they have two new batsmen on the crease, Stokes beats Hardik Pandya out there and that’s a wicket maiden. Keep playing.

11:08 am GMT11: 08

Shame! Dhawan, who made a living from the train, also dies from it and scoops a short ball straight to Morgan in Midwicket. He deserved it better, and so did the fans with the flag on the hill.

11:06 am GMT11: 06

38th by: India 197-3 (Dhawan 98, Rahul 6) Sam Curran likes Rahul, and it’s a surprise Morgan hasn’t given him a slip or two. He pats Rahul on the ankle and his over only goes for one. Sam has numbers 8-1-28-0 and they don’t flatter him.

11.02 a.m. GMT11: 02

37th over: India 196-3 (Dhawan 97, Rahul 6) Morgan must have a couple of overs from Wood up his sleeve so it’s either back to turning or back to Stokes. He chooses Stokes, who repays his faith by allowing only three singles. England have been much better in the last five overs, taking two for 28. Don’t you love a little ebb and flow?

10:56 a.m. GMT10:56

36th by: India 193-3 (Dhawan 95, Rahul 5) Sam Curran replaces his brother and he almost gets Rahul with an angry little bouncer. Rahul steals it, like the batsman who is out of shape, and it just barely misses Jos Buttler for four. This is already Rahul’s second best white-ball score on the tour.

Another sad stat for you: In his last 20 ODIs, including this one â ???? back to February 2019 â ???? Moeen Ali an average of 15 with the bat and 119 with the ball. He’s way too good for that.

10:51 a.m. GMT10:51

35th over: India 187-3 (Dhawan 95, Rahul 0) So Wood receives a belated reward for early bowling. And here is KL Rahul, the man who averaged 3.75 in the T20 series and eventually had to be dropped against all Indian instincts.

« It’s ridiculous we’re bowling for two and a half hours with 32 overs, » says Gary Naylor. « Do you think all the time you spent not playing cricket (and adding innings to about four hours) is helping build players? » personal brands with TV face time that would cost a few crore to buy? â ????

10:48 a.m. GMT10: 48

Iyer tops wood over cover and Billings’ understudy, Liam Livingstone, trudges in for a crisp, low catch. The collapse is on!

10:44 a.m. GMT10: 44

34th over: India 183-2 (Dhawan 95, Iyer 2) While Shreyas Iyer plays himself, Shikhar Dhawan continues on his merry way and plays an exquisite late-cut for four against Tom Curran. He should have an enthusiastic crowd rounding it up, but there are at least a few fans on a distant hill standing with a flag waiting for his hundred.

10:39 a.m. GMT10: 39

33. over: India 178-2 (Dhawan 91, Iyer 1) Dhawan is not disturbed: He pulls Wood for a particularly calm four. And another train from Dhawan brings a diving stop on the rope of Sam Billings, who injured his shoulder and lies worryingly still. I have a bad feeling it slipped.

The good news for England is that the switch to seam worked. Morgan brought Tom Curran back on the other end and sneaked up on him while I made the coffee. Rashid bowled seven overs and Moeen bowled three so Morgan could stay close all the way, but Sam Curran and Stokes need to be on track when the big hits start flying.

10:33 a.m. GMT 10:33

Redemption for Moeen! Kohli swings Wood down the track to the deep square, and this time Mo makes no mistake. So Morgan has the breakthrough he badly needed and Kohli missed the hundred that waved at him.

10:23 p.m. GMT10: 23

31. over: India 164-1 (Dhawan 81, Kohli 52) When Morgan realizes that he has to do something, he picks up Moeen and calls Mark Wood over for some speed. He’s also giving him a slip, almost a gutter, and Kohli is respectful. Point, point, single. But then Wood gets too crowded and Dhawan pings it past additional cover with nice timing. That’s the hundred partnerships and it was a model for quiet acceleration. Time for a cold drink in Pune and a coffee in London.

10.19 a.m. GMT10: 19

30th over: India 159-1 (Dhawan 77, Kohli 52) Kohli puts Rashid in the ceiling to reach fifty for the 104th time in ODIs and, if I got it right, the 184th time in India colors. He’s a phenomenon. Dhawan throws a sweep for four, flat and hard. At the moment everything is one-way traffic.

10.15 a.m. GMT10.15

29. over: India 150-1 (Dhawan 71, Kohli 49) Kohli, facing Moeen, plays a routine off-push and Stokes misses, making it a giveaway four. It’s Dhawan’s turn to rub it in and cart a six over the extra cover. The third fifty innings have only taken 33 balls (the first 78, the second 62) and England’s wheels are in danger of loosening. Send for a curran!

10:10 a.m. GMT10:10

28. over: India 135-1 (Dhawan 61, Kohli 44) Just as he was back in the groove, Moeen drops Dhawan, and this is a sitter, unlike the chance for Roy earlier. Rashid throws a stinker of a long hop, Dhawan is so surprised he catches deep midwicket, and Moeen is so surprised that he spilled it when it would certainly be easier to sniff it. « Terrible cricket all around, » says Nasser Hussain.

10:07 a.m. GMT10: 07

27. over: India 130-1 (Dhawan 59, Kohli 41) Moeen manages to get five singles, which is a small triumph under the circumstances.

« Boring, ODI match after the Look at the T20s, « says Shakir. « Feeling sleepy. » Don’t worry, the batsmen got the message.

10:04 a.m. GMT10: 04

26. over: India 125-1 (Dhawan 57, Kohli 38) Kohli is on fire now and whips Rashid to the edge of the square. He has 38 balls out of 39 and the partnership is 61 out of 65. It looks like the commentators were right: 300 is on.

10:01 a.m. GMT10: 01

25th over: India 117-1 (Dhawan 55, Kohli 32) When Eoin Morgan attacks one of his spinners, he sends after the other, and here is Moeen Ali at last. Both batsmen want to get in and Kohli manages to get away from the last ball when he sees that Mo is going too full and far and is playing a nice late ride for four. Halfway there is India at the top.

9.57 a.m. GMT09: 57

24. over: India 109-1 (Dhawan 52, Kohli 27) Dhawan decides it is time to ruin the figurines of Rashid a hundred. Rashid responds with an LBW appeal that brings a rating … and it’s the referee’s call. Kohli hits a grueling straight drive for four, and Rashid shakes his head. Twelve past: The touchpaper is finally lit.

Meanwhile, Brian Withington is back to find out more. « Now that I’m sure I’ve negotiated my morning cup of tea, » he says, « I was intrigued to see your reference to Kohli’s bat talking (about 17). » really fluent in all languages ​​and formats, witnessing the incomparable cover ride of Ben « call me Beefy » ???? Stokes buffet car (over 21). So here is my question: what happens to his used bats? Must you be worth an absolute fortune? Or does he never wear them off with that silky, caressing timing?

9.52 a.m. GMT09.52

23rd over: India 97-1 (Dhawan 45, Kohli 22) Stokes is determined not to fall asleep this game. He tries a quick try with Kohli, but the ball just sits like a dog too eager to please and is pulled for four. Stokes replies with five dots in a row, mixes it up and switches to the cross seam. Good competition.

9.49 a.m. GMT09: 49

22nd over: India 93-1 (Dhawan 45, Kohli 18) Kohli has fun by going through the trainer book. He plays a forward defense against Rashid once taught to young boys as the basis of all strikes, indeed all civilizations. Then he rocks back and cuts for two. But Rashid hasn’t gone for four yet, and he has the decent numbers of 3-0-9-0.

9.44 a.m. GMT09.44

21st past: India 89-1 (Dhawan 44, Kohli 15) For the first time today we have no one bowling whose name is Curran. Stokes returns, and Kohli, touched by the sight of another champion, greets him with an exit that is on the imperious side of Majesty.

9.41 a.m. GMT09.41

20th over: India 83-1 (Dhawan 43, Kohli 10) Rashid has an LBW reputation against Dhawan. It’s only in a line, but it’s the broken leg, not the bang, so the curve took it past a stump of a leg. Three of them are over: still very measured by India.


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