World news – Indigenous students barked like they were dogs bullied every day


These are terms one might expect in the inner circles of a white supremacist group.

But words like « n ***** » and « gin » are used by their peers in a regional Western Australian high school Aboriginal directed.

The behavior has spread to the playground and social media, where videos – including one in which a non-indigenous boy kicks an indigenous man – are boldly shared.

Those who Bear the brunt of this behavior, report feeling depressed, angry, and reluctant to attend class.

The revelations come as educational scholars and the Human Rights Commission demand better teaching about racism in schools.

Everyone Any day, Broome Senior High School students are openly mocked for speaking their language, being annoyed about NAIDOC week, using racist names, or all of the above.

Both said it was one of the worst one of my greatest experiences has been being barked at by a group of non-indigenous boys.

« At first I would feel angry and if I had calmed down I would … basically get depressed and think that school is is no longer worth it, « said Anna.

It is a pattern of behavior among a group of boys that also brought the non-indigenous student Jessica * into distress.

 » I hear her the N all the time – Say word and refer to indigenous people as black C ****, « she said.

The ABC has received screenshots of online conversations in which students use the N-word and call their indigenous classmates » gins « .

The word, also spelled as « jin » in some embassies, is a derogatory colonial term used to describe Aboriginal people and is deeply offensive.

In a message, a parent who was viewed as sympathetic to indigenous students was labeled as « wanting to be n ***** ».

In a shared video, a student riding a bicycle appears to see an indigenous man sleeping stepping on the local oval before driving away.

Jessica said racist words were used on social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, as well as in conversations at school.

She said she had with Talked to teachers and tried several times to assert oneself against the boys, but was often in tears.

« I feel disgusted. I hate it, it makes me sad, it makes me cry, » she said.

When Anna confronted her classmates about this type of behavior, she said to « get over it ».

« They just deny it and try to say, ‘It was just a joke, get over it’, (but) it’s not a joke, it has a deeper meaning, « said Anna.

 » People will w Racism killed and got killed so it’s not funny, « she said.

 » I want the school to have a plan of action when something like this happens and a class, maybe once a month, to help people out educate, « said Anna.

WA Education provides links to external online resources on racism and intolerance. However, parents and researchers wonder if this is enough.

In a recent letter to parents, Headmaster Mathew Burt reiterated the school’s stance against violence and intolerance.

« We encourage students to be part of the solution by evoking unacceptable behavior and seeking support from our staff when necessary, « he wrote.

 » Each student was asked to … model our values ​​of tolerance, inclusion, and respect for Broome Senior High School entry safe environment for everyone. « 

In a statement to ABC, Mr. Burt said inclusivity and tolerance are part of the school’s core values.

 » Our school is a place for learning, for making friends and for Building lifelong skills. It is not a place for intolerance of any kind. « 

Professor Naomi Priest of the Australian National University said racism in schools is a national problem.

 » I think there are a lot of good Absi There is a lack of an explicit curriculum, « she said.

 » Teachers (must) be able to delve deeply into what racism is, an understanding of the history of Australia and global history in relation to it on race and racism.

« Young people who suffer from racism are more likely to have mental health problems, may have problems with depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide, » she said.

The Human Rights Commission last week called for a national framework on anti-racism to address the problem in all facets of Australian life.

Racial Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan said the issue should be addressed in the same way as domestic violence or child abuse.

« We need to get into the process of concrete education. If that means one Having a curriculum should be so, « he said.

 » I applaud (them) and thank them for their strength in getting up … if we don’t get up now, we won’t change things about the future « he said.

Professor Juli Coffin of the Telethon Kids Institute developed the Solid Kids, Solid Schools program – one of the few bullying teaching tools for Indigenous students.

 » Many schools could do more to be culturally safer and fight racism, but it has to be a department response that is not just based on individual schools, « she said.

However, the Aboriginal health researcher said schools could only do so much if conversations ou Take place outside the classroom and on social media.

« You can’t follow kids 24/7 and we can’t monitor all of the language that comes out of their mouth, » she said.

« It’s about that to have some great strategies so that when such behavior is reported … action is taken immediately. « 

WA Department of Education spokesman Martin Clery said all public schools had tried to create an environment create that is free from intolerance and discrimination.

« This includes learning to appreciate one’s own culture and the values ​​and beliefs of others.

 » Every school must have a plan to encourage positive student behavior including dealing with intolerant behavior that is unacceptable and taken very seriously. « 

In addition to three psychologists, Broome Senior High School employs four Aboriginal Islander Education Officers and two Aboriginal support staff workers.

We recognize the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first Australians and traditional administrators of the countries in which we live, study and work.

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