World news – It’s playoffs or bankruptcy for Dave Gettleman


When another season ends and they bravely face the music, the Power Brokers who see the world through Big Blue glasses play the same song and dance.

It’s time for the men in charge to switch their melody to playoffs. Or bust.

« I would love to see us make it back to the playoffs.… We have to win more games, » said co-owner John Mara.

As a young man, Mara endured the lost wilderness years that hit rock bottom with the « 15 years of lousy football, we’ve had enough » banner streaming across Giants Stadium.

In truth, Young’s record was 10-22 in his first two years, a 9-7 playoff spot in years 3 and a 26-46 record after five seasons before a march to Super Bowl XXI began in earnest.

Dave Gettleman’s record is between 15 and 33. The Giants have missed the playoffs for four consecutive seasons, three of those seasons he was General Manager.

Much to the chagrin of some Giants fans, Mara gave him another chance to do for himself and for Giants fans what Young did for his father and for Giants fans. </ Now no one should expect Gettleman's ongoing rebuilding of the 6-10 Giant It's turned into an elite force overnight, knocking loudly on the Super Bowl door.

But Gettleman, like Mara, is convinced that Joe Judge, their steadfast leader who built the right culture, is the right one Head coach, your Bill Parcells or your Tom Coughlin if you are good and happy, that Daniel Jones is your Phil Simms or your Eli Manning if you are good and happy.

It’s now on Gettleman, with a free agency and the NFL draft emerging in the off-season to bring the giants over the mountain, and now.

To make Jones the # 1 recipient, Jones needs to earn enough points to join the modern day NFL Party.

« He has what it takes to get us where we want to go, » said Mara.

« We need to find playmakers, that’s all, » said Gettleman. « We’ll find the right people to help Daniel get us over that hump. »

Because Gettleman’s legacy and the 2021 season and beyond will depend on Daniel Jones’ ability to take this next step.

His critics eager to point to the record, not forgiving him for trying to win with a faded Eli Manning and then changing philosophy in the middle stream for not fixing the offensive line and Odell Beckham Jr. less so trading him on a $ 90 million deal a year after he was signed for running Landon Collins, for designing a generation that went back to second overall rather than, say, Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson, im Retrospectively, the benefit of 20/20 or 2020 for hiring Pat Shurmur to trade with DeAndre Baker.

During a season when Mara warned him that his batting average needs to improve sste, Gettleman had a DJ LeMahieu season:

« They work really well together, » said Mara. « I’m very happy with the players who brought them here and I think this gives us a chance for the future. »

« I think we have laid a foundation for a foundation that will continue into the future can be successful, « said Mara.

 » I’m tired of sitting up here at the end of the year explaining what went wrong and why I’m optimistic about the future, « said Mara. « I want to do it after a successful season. »

« I think we’re making progress, » said Mara. “I will ask you to be patient again. I know it’s a tough question. I know they’re sick of hearing me say that. But I sincerely believe that we are making progress here. “

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