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World news – Ivanka Trump « surprised and hurt » by Karlie Kloss’ tweets after the Capitol Siege

Although the high-profile in-laws have completely different views, friends say they never discuss politics.

Ivanka Trump was « surprised and injured » by the social media comments made by sister-in-law Karlie Kloss during the attack on Congress. Sources close to Kloss said the supermodel did not have a “close relationship” with her for « some ». « 

When supporters of President Trump besieged the Capitol on Wednesday, Ivanka posted a tweet saying she was her named « American patriots » – and then deleted him.

A few hours later, Kloss, who is expecting her first child with husband Josh Kushner – the younger brother of Ivanka’s husband Jared – tweeted: « Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election, is patriotic. Refusing to encourage violence is anti-American. « 

Her post sparked an instant reprimand from a social media user who shot back that she should » let your sister-in-law and brother-in-law know. « 

A family friend stated, » Ivanka was on the Tweet drew attention to her and she was mostly surprised because they are so close together and talk regularly but never really about politics. « 

The insider added that » Karlie likes to position herself publicly as an activist, but never approaches Ivanka when it comes to issues like paid maternity leave, women in STEMs and criminal justice reform. « 

They said that it is » just not true « when Kloss claims she was trying to express their different views to discuss.

« But they are very close and enjoy each other’s company a lot, so Ivanka is hurt. »

Kloss later made it clear that she really meant her tweet, like a source close to Karlie did Page 6 said, “Ivanka perfectly understands Karlie’s views. You have had a lot of political discussions that run counter to what you and her team would expect from you.

« Karlie took pride in promoting Hillary in 2016 and Biden in 2020, and has besides the support of many Key issues made the maximum financial contribution to democratic campaigns across the country. « 

The source added, » She has not had a close relationship with them [Jared and Ivanka] for a while due to the guidelines of the Trump administration. I think « Karlie finds it rather unfortunate that Ivanka is choosing to spend her time doing it while our democracy is in a crisis fueled by this government. » Meanwhile, Ivanka and Jared’s family friend added : « Understandably, the moments of the day all felt strained and upset, but Ivanka would of course be open to hearing from Karlie about her views. »

Before leaving the White House on January 20th, President Trump pardoned Jared and Josh’s father Charles – the real estate tycoon who paid a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law.

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