World news – Jalen Suggs’ parents weren’t surprised by his March Madness exploits


If your son had hit a miracle shot to send his school to the national championship game against Baylor on Monday night, you would of course count the hours to the clue.

She’s the mother of Jalen Suggs, and if so They ask her if she’d like to see the ball in his point guard hands at the end of Monday night, at the end of his first season, and at the end of his Gonzaga career under Trainer Mark. A few before the NBA calls, she laughed and said, “I want to not that the game is tight. I trust anyone who puts a few on the ground gets the job when it comes down to it.

When Jalen Suggs used his 40-foot run in overtime to beat UCLA, it was hers The reaction is understandably more pronounced than that of most other sports worlds: “I kept saying, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to die! ‘ »She told the Post.

Then again, it wasn’t a terrible surprise for her, her husband, and anyone who saw this child prodigy.

 » There was always a ball in our house, « said Molly. “He would lift it, he would roll it, he would kick it, he would throw it. We bought his first tire when he was 9 months old. We still have it. « 

 » He always liked LeBron, « said Molly. » He was a little guy when LeBron got into the league. We’ve probably seen « More Than A Game » more than we could ever count. As if it would have been a VHS, we would have worn it out. He watched it every night when he went to bed. For years he just watched it. « 

 » Milwaukee-Wisconsin came over to look for high school talent  » said Larry Suggs, « and you stumbled upon Jalen this weekend. »

Jalen was the first in Minnesota history to win Mr. Football and Mr. Basketball awards that same season. He was a Double threat quarterback who also played cornerback and clear security.

« Put it this way – I call him an idiot in sports – there’s nothing the kid can’t do athletically, » said Larry Suggs. « He just makes remarkable games all the time, and that’s why people come in to watch him play soccer because you never knew what he would do at any age. The same goes for basketball. « 

 » I really miss seeing him play soccer, « said Molly. « If he has to throw a long pass, he throws a long pass. If he has to run, he runs. He likes to play defense when he plays football. He didn’t play defense for the first two years of school and that was for my whole family difficult because we knew he could make a difference. The coaches were a bit nervous and didn’t want him to get injured. « 

Jalen always hated losing more than he’d like to win. Molly pointed to a sudden death overtime in his senior year in the state championship when Jalen was in the corner because of the unfortunate two-point move.

« He injured his knee just before half-time, » she said. “They checked him out and he said he was going to play. I think he said it was very tight so it loosened up as he played more and more in the second half. I don’t even know if he could call it inches or inches, millimeters … he brushed the ball, he just couldn’t get enough of his finger on it. Had he got more of his finger on it, they would have won the championship. This is probably one of the toughest games out there. And we never saw that game again. « 

 » In eighth grade we lost a section championship to go to the state and I think he fell 29 points. He had blood on his shorts, went down, I think we were at six Points increased and couldn’t put the shorts on again quickly enough, « recalled the father.

Molly: » He played with and against Johnny Juzang from UCLA, like in USA basketball, with and against Evan Mobley. If you’re on the field, it doesn’t matter. « He’s trying to win the game. It’s a bit of a move off the field and he’s just relaxed … normal Jalen. »

Larry Suggs : « It’s none of his business in this rectangle that you call a basketball court. He doesn’t play around. After the game is over he’s a normal kid again, playing video games, hanging out and fiddling. »

 » He’s just Jalen, « said Molly. « When he comes home he has to do the dishes, clean his room, pick up the trash, that stuff. He’s just a normal kid. We made sure that he stays just a normal kid. »

Ask Larry Suggs who his son reminds him of on the court and he’ll say, « Nobody … I’ve been training for 30 years and I can’t be sure what he’s like in the town of St. Paul. » He’s just so unique. « 

Father, mother and sisters Jennica and Jaelle were at the Lucas Oil stands on Monday night. Neither of them could wait.

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