World news – James Weir sums up: MAF’s wife publicly destroys husband


It’s the decline Australia has been waiting for. This MAFS woman eventually withdraws an argument from her husband that leads to her quitting.

The wife of MAFS finally calls her husband over gas light in an argument that leads to her exit.

A wife who is married at first sight finally grabs the engagement ceremony on Sunday and calls him gas-lit husband who made her life hell in a triumphant defeat that ceases to hold the old lady’s rich cardigan he is wearing on the verge of dismantling.

There is a lot of commotion tonight. We have the poisonous gas light as well as the rumor about Bryce’s secret girlfriend. But these problems are nothing compared to what Jaimie continues to bear bravely.

« He’s got a haircut in Queensland, » she flicks again at her husband Chris. « There are a lot of things to do. »

We fully sympathize with Jaimie. But she should find solace in her husband not using the Stussy emblem as a letter.

The only thing more shocking than someone still drawing the Stussy logo in 2021 is The Sasshole, which turns the Sass off. From the moment we met her at the wedding, she proudly declared her nickname and explained its origin: She’s the sasshole because of all the sass she hands out.

But after weeks of seeing her stupid husband has killed mercilessly, the Sass reserves appear to be empty. Or maybe – now that Bec and Jake are a happy couple – she just has no use for her supplies of Sass. And with that, someone else decides to use them.

Bryce remains bitter and twisted and keeps playing, mumbling softly about everyone. The rumor that surfaced during the week only compounded his bad behavior. In comparison, he makes all the other clowns in this circus seem lovely.

Bryce and Bec get into another argument over the very lengthy talk at the gym, in which Bryce apparently admitted to having a secret girlfriend outside of the experiment.

Even with the help of the experts, the argument stays exactly where it did at the dinner party – Bryce denies everything and Melissa stays by her husband’s side despite everyone else’s objections.

These Sunday engagement ceremonies really begin, ours Wasting time – they repeat the same old arguments that weren’t even interesting the first time. It’s the TV equivalent of the end of the week dinner with withered leftovers rolling around the veggie crisper.

« Alana has … how can I put it … » begins Jason. “She has a bigger sex drive than me. And like a lot more affection than I do or give. “

The experts could sense something was wrong with the couple as they sat on the couch. Jason is not being completely honest. He holds back and there is only one thing to do: probe.

« How do I say that? » He looks up at the ceiling and tries to choose the right words. « Uh. Ah. My feelings, they are not growing. My feelings for Alana are not growing. Is there still a spark between us? I don’t know. There is simply no spark at the moment. »

Alanas heart broken. After hearing her husband’s devastating admission, she has to endure another week with him. She would really like to get insights from experts on how to deal with this complicated and emotional situation.

« Can I just say something? » James interrupts him and pushes Alana and Jason off the couch so he can do his own session and dust off.

He apologizes for the lame joke he made at the engagement ceremony last week when the sex lady Alessandra made him ashamed. We’d all like him to apologize for that old lady’s rich cardigan:

Jo is at the breaking point. James is a gas lighter and is constantly twirling the argument about her – making her evil and twirling the situation to make himself look like the victim. All Jo wants is for James to admit he’s a gas lighter, but he never will because he’s a gas lighter.

When James starts lighting them again in front of the experts, Jo snaps. And at one triumphant moment, she calls him out for all of his bad behavior.

« You make yourself look so much better than you are. You didn’t try You didn’t try You openly lied to my face. You haven’t spoken to me in days. You disappeared! You did not reply to any of my text messages! « 

She tells the experts all about how her husband went without the experiment for days and refused to admit it. She tells them how he manipulates her and lies.

Eventually everything will be Jo recognized as true, confirmed and without being asked, she reveals her card: EXIT.

And when James tries again to take control of the situation, he immediately flashes his card and explains that he is leaving too.

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