World news – Jon Kitna tells the story of a drunken Bengal player


The Bengals have always been a messy franchise, but this story adds a whole new level to their dysfunction. Former Bengali quarterback Jon Kitna, who made 46 starts for the team from 2001 to 2005, took part in Ryen Russillo’s podcast this week and shared a shocking story from his early days.

« There was one Time playing a game with a man who was drunk in the crowd, « Kitna said.

The player reportedly showed up less than an hour before the game, long after the players were supposed to show up, and has still started the game.

Kitna did not disclose who the player was, but did mention that he had played the game fairly well when intoxicated and stated that it was likely a recipient.

« I’m not sure the staff knew, but I think it was kind of normal for him. I mean, he was drunk and had almost 200 meters of reception, » Kitna said.

Kitna started 45 more games in five seasons after leaving the Bengals. He spent three years with the Lions during their dysfunctional period in the late 2000s – he started four games in their 0-16 season in 2008 – and then moved on for two seasons the cowboys.

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