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“ Ale ”110th Makiko (Mirai Shida), Koji (Takara Sakumoto) advice…
 » Ale « Mirai Shida appears in the morning drama for the first time in four years! The role of an apple farmer’s daughter
In the 110th episode of the morning drama » Ale « , Oto (Fumi Nikaido) tries to find out the true intention of Koji (Takara Sakumoto) ……
[NHK morning drama » Ale « what will be tomorrow] Koji will be unfriendly to Makiko
Yale: Morning Dora for the first time in 4 years … Mirai Shida appears Apple A farmer’s only daughter, Makiko, « always smiling » consciousness
NHK morning drama » Ale « broadcast on the 13th, episode 110 Highlights Makiko’s trip to Tokyo hastened … What will happen? Koji’s love
« Ale » Mirai Shida, apples First appearance as a farmer’s daughter What is the reason for drama fan attention?
-<a href="/?s= (Episode 110, broadcast on Friday, November 13) Your thoughts Koji is worried because he can’t confess to Makiko. The sound says, « Once again, face your feelings firmly. « > (Episode 110, broadcast on Friday, November 13) Koji is worried because he can’t confide his feelings to Makiko. The sound says, » Face your feelings again.
[November tomorrow Ale on the 13th] Episode 110 Makiko, Koji’s casual attitude Going to Tokyo early, what happens to the two?
Reminds Koji who doesn’t have a sound / 13th Ale Synopsis


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