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SG’s first V Katsuyuki Mori, the support of the heart was the former SMAP’s » 5 people were active « 
Katsuyuki Mori Thank you to » 5 friends « … » I couldn’t be an auto racer without SMAP
Katsuyuki Mori, supporters with Masahiro Nakai after winning « SMAP » Reveal the promises we made
« Become the best in Japan » Auto racer Katsuyuki Mori who fulfilled his dream from an early age The origin of the player and the abnormal situation on the day of his debut
Katsuyuki Mori « Temperature difference » of the congratulatory message that only Takuya Kimura floated in « Japan Championship V »
Mori Katsuyuki, long-sought SG first victory! « Heavy smoker » era looking back on training school friends
Former SMAP Katsuyuki Mori’s first V in Japan Championship also Kim Taku Reason for comment Not participating in the meal on the day of dissolution
Former members Katsuyuki Mori’s SMAP era when he announced his congratulatory comments
Katsuyuki Mori » I can’t be an auto racer if I didn’t do SMAP « Thanks to my five friends. ja


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