World news –JP –Nozomi Honda, sisters All Japan prepared to make a leap forward actress business and dual wield continuation « Next year with my sister » | au Web Portalja


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Honda Nozomi, sisters all-Japan determined leap actress business and two-sword style continuation » Next year with my sister « 
Honda Marin revived from 50.41 points right shoulder dislocation » I was able to perform better than last time « East Japan Women’s SP
Marin Honda, all-Japan championship ticket SP5041 points. [East Japan Championship]
Honda sisters, dream simultaneous all-Japan participation … SP Marin 8th place also Nozomi 26th place and can not proceed free
Marin Honda Appeared in black and light purple costume that covers the whole body
Women’s SP is headed by Shinba Higuchi Figure East Japan Championship
Women’s SP is Higuchi Leading Figure East Japan Championship
Marin Honda , 8th place with a sluggish jump « I was able to perform better than the previous block tournament » / Figure
Marin Honda is 8th in SP « First of all, let’s participate in all Japan » East Japan Championship
Marin Honda 8th place Convinced SP Advice from brother Taichi on the back of the performance


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