World news –JP –« Refreshing » Asami Miura I couldn’t read the manuscript because of « crying » … Praised for Koji Kato’s follow-up (November 7, 2020) –Excite Newsja


Haruna Kondo, Yuta Koseki and live streaming in collaboration with Go Ayano in agony

Haruna Kondo, a laughing combination Harisenbon, has been talking about her collaboration with actor Yuta Koseki on Instagram. ■ « Physical condition perfect » Haruna-san released on Instagram on the 28th, last week (24th), Legi

Asami Miura, the hard part was moving to « refreshing » for a year. Koji Kato’s words « changed my life. »

Asami Miura (32), an announcer of Nippon Television, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for five consecutive years, ranking first in the « Favorite Female Announcer » ranking. Asami Miura, who has received high support from the living room, has been an announcer for 10 years since joining the company.

DJ KOO « Refreshing » Ryota Yamasato & Asami Miura 2 shots released « Happy !! »

On March 3rd, TRF’s DJ KOO updated Instagram. DJ KOO added the hashtag « #NTV #Refreshing WE News !! » and a comment on his Instagram account, and added « March Months ».

« Kanjani » You Yokoyama’s « ex-girlfriend » Nio makes the fans confused « It’s hard … »

In « Kanjani Eight Show » (TV Asahi) broadcast on May 24, « Kanjani Eight » You Yokoyama has an act that makes « former Kano » swear. It seems that the fans are enthusiastic about the meaningful remarks. This time, Sho Kiryuin from « Golden Bomber »

« Hirunandesu » « Janiota » influences personnel affairs !? Behind the graduation of Ruriko Kojima …

« Hirunandesu! » Broadcast on April 2 (Nippon TV), actress Miu Tomita has joined as a regular Thursday. Speaking of Tomita, he was selected as the heroine in the distribution drama « Busu no Hitomi ni Koisuru 2019 ».

Arashi, Kazunari Ninomiya and Shinzo Abe, men suffering from spiritual « poisonous wife »

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya and former freelance announcer Ayako Ito’s « Top Secret Wedding Plan » and « Female Spirit Medium » reported in « Weekly Bunshun » (Bunshun) on April 30 caused ripples. I’m out. According to the article, the two who got married last November

Arashi, Kazunari Ninomiya, Jun Matsumoto at the top of the marriage announcement during the tour, to the angry four-sided song of members, family, fans

This week’s featured article, No. 1 « Shinjiro, » Affair Hotel Fee « with Political Funding, 40 Million Yen for Ghost Companies » (« Weekly Bunshun » 1/2/9) No. 2  » Hideki Matsuyama was also involved! Golf club teacher « University privatization » accusation document « ( » F

Kazunari Ninomiya prepares to marry her by purchasing a mansion [2019 Best Scoop]

Kazunari Ninomiya prepares to marry her by purchasing a mansion [2019 Best Scoop]. It’s been 19 years since there are only a few left. The era name was also a turbulent year when it changed from « Heisei » to « Reiwa », but it was also a year when the entertainment world changed drastically. From the amazing scoops we witnessed, we once again delivered the ones that had a particularly strong response.

Asami Miura, Sôkai jôhô variety Sukkiri !!, Kôji Katô, Nippon TV, Japanese announcer

World news –JP — » Refreshing » Asami Miura Read the manuscript with « crying » Zu … Praise for Koji Kato’s follow-up (November 7, 2020) –Excite News
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« Refreshing » Asami Miura crying live.The voice trembled considerably, and Koji Kato also worried, « I couldn’t move on to the next corner. »


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