World news –JP –Yoshihiko Inohara, « Recent young people » feel the change of the times « I can only say good things! »ja


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 » Emperor of the modern host world « Roland appears at the beginning of AERA Talking about » adversity management « / Talking with Yoshihiko Inohara and Shunsuke Michieda Also posted
Yoshihiko Inohara, » Recently « I can only say good things! » To « Young Mon » I feel the change of the times
Michieda Shunsuke’s element is the role as it is? Inohara Yoshihiko » 461 Obento « shooting talk video release
Yoshihiko Inohara » Son « Shunsuke Michieda proposes » Tameguchi «  » Helped by him « 
The bond between father and son that Yoshihiko Inohara, who plays the role of a single father, connects with a lunch box … The movie » 461 Bento « is a modern version of » Kramer Kramer « based on a true story.
Yoshihiko Inohara, watching the movie on the big screen Shunsuke Michieda  » You can see the fineness of the skin well. « 
Naniwa Boys, Michi Shunsuke Michieda and Takuya Kimura are also mellow !? Why are you so loved?
Naniwa boy Shunsuke Michieda, Kansai Johnny’s Jr.A certain confession of a live performance Snow Man Tatsuya Fukazawa « I have a nice face »
Yoshihiko Inohara x Shunsuke Michieda’s parent-child relationship » 461 Obento « depicts casual everyday life
Yoshihiko Inohara Shunsuke Michieda » Thinking while facing the role, The relationship between parents and children « [Interview with » 461 Bento « ]


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