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Justin Bieber teased his upcoming album with fans and here’s everything we know about JB6, including the release date, tracklist, and collaboration.

Justin Bieber has been working on new music for a while and finally has annoyed that his sixth album is imminent!

The « Anyone » star released his fifth album « Changes » in February 2020 and Ever since then, the Canadian singer has been longing for new music.

The 26-year-old has lost quite a few singles in the past few months and it only fueled fan excitement for new bops!

When will Justin release JB6? What is the track list and are there collaborations? Here’s what we know:

Biebs has not yet announced the official release date for his upcoming album. However, he recently announced that he is « going through the tracklist for the album » which means it will be done soon!

Fans have put together a hypothetical tracklist for Justin’s new album, which is his latest bop with Chance The Rapper Includes, « Holy », « Lonely » with Benny Blanco, and « Anyone ».

The trumped-up track list also names 19 other songs that were allegedly discovered in his documentary Justin Bieber: Next Chapter as he was through the tracks a songboard decides.

Since the « Yummy » star recently worked with Chance The Rapper and Benny Blanco, these tracks are believed to make it to JB6.

Justin recently also signed up with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes for theirs Title « Monster » which can be seen on Shawn’s « Wonder » album.

However, it’s definitely possible the stars wrote more than one song together so you never know we could get another collaboration from Listen to Justin and Shawn on JB6!

The « Get Me » singer hasn’t revealed too much about his latest album yet, but we are sure he has many surprises in store for his fans!


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