World news – Kylie struck because she asked fans to donate to the makeup artist’s GoFundMe


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KYLIE Jenner was beaten up for asking fans to do makeup artist Samuel’s GoFundMe page Rauda after he found himself in a terrible incident.

Some fans of the reality star argued that Kylie had enough money to pay for Samuel’s medical expenses himself.

In addition to information for his GoFundMe- Page wrote the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star in a now-deleted post: “May God watch over you and protect you @makeupbysamuel. Everyone takes a moment to say a prayer for Sam who had an accident in the past weekend. And swipe up to visit his families to help fund me. « 

According to the GoFundMe site, Samuel had brain surgery earlier this month after having a frightening accident.

His family is asking for $ 120,000 to cover medical expenses, while they had over 97,000 as of Sunday morning In addition to asking her fans for a donation, Kylie appeared to give the family $ 5,000.

A number of KUWTK fans took to Twitter to beat Kylie up over the fact she asked for donations from others. Many pointed out that she is rich and can afford to pay for medical expenses herself.

One Twitter user wrote, « Kylie Jenner had better open one of her Birkins and quit to ask us poor people to donate to their makeup artists gofundme. « 

Another added: » The fact that Kylie Jenner has the audacity to ask for donations for her friends / makeup artists emergency surgery (60,000) while they are worth a whole billion is, is very full of character and says Ahahahahahaahahahahaha that she is so embarrassed. « 

A third interfered: » Kylie Jenner asks fans for donations to fund the operation of her makeup artist Samuel Rauda after he was involved in an accident.

Criticism continued when a fourth person wrote: « # KylieJenner asks fans for donations to fund the operation of their makeup artist Samuel Rauda after an accident. But Kylie, I can give you a # billion reason why you should pay for it yourself. « 

Samuel works as a makeup artist for a number of stars, including Kylie and Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin.

The 19- Year old also took to Instagram to ask fans for a donation when she drew attention to the GoFundMe page.

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