World news – Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks welcome fans to the large indoor spaces


California’s Friday move to allow fans to attend indoor sporting events starting April 15th means a yet-to-be-determined number of spectators will have access to the Staples Center and Honda Center to watch the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Ducks in person for the first time since the pandemic shutdown more than a year ago.

It will be just in time for some fans to see the Lakers host rival Boston Celtics on April 15th. The Ducks will host the Vegas Golden Knights the next night. The Clippers face the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 18th. The Kings and Ducks will resume hostilities on April 20th at the Staples Center.

« We’re delighted that the State of California has announced guidelines that will allow Lakers fans to return to the Staples Center, » the Lakers said in a statement. “Now that we have the instructions, we will be working with the LA Public Health and Staples Center to finalize our plans for fans to be able to safely participate in our games.

« We look forward to welcoming Lakers fans back to the Staples Center to continue the journey with us and defend our NBA title. »

The Lakers and Celtics are tied for most NBA championships at 17. The Lakers won their record-breaking title on October 11, beating the Miami Heat with no fans in the coronavirus bubble that the NBA created in Orlando last summer and fall. Florida.

Currently, Los Angeles and Orange counties are each in the Orange category, which means indoor sporting events can hold up to 10 percent of capacity, or 2,000 fans, or up to 35 percent of capacity if all viewers test negative or have proof of vaccination for COVID-. 19. If counties fall into the less restrictive yellow tier, capacity would still be limited to 10 percent or 2,000 fans, but could increase to 50 percent if all viewers have a negative test or proof of vaccination.

Fans have been banned from the Staples Center and Honda Center since the NHL suspended game due to the pandemic on March 12, 2020. The Kings and Ducks last played home games in front of fans the night before. The NBA stopped the game on March 11, 2020 after Rudy Gobert of Utah tested positive.

Tickets for upcoming events at the Staples Center and the Honda Center will be announced at a later date. The Kings and Ducks each said that season ticket holders would be given priority to purchase tickets for the final games of the season at the Staples Center and the Honda Center. According to the state’s announcement on Friday, physical distancing, advanced ticketing, designated eating and drinking areas, and fan participation in the state will be required.

« The Ducks and Anaheim Arena management will announce the venue capacity and logs for the last five home games in the coming days, » the Ducks said in a statement. « We can’t wait to see our amazing fans again and look forward to filling the Honda Center when it is deemed safe by state and local health officials. »

The Clippers and Kings also said they would be working with county officials to announce capacity and safety guidelines in the coming days.

« We’re thrilled that the state of California has now released the guide that will allow us to get fans back to the Kings games at the Staples Center against Anaheim on April 20th, » the Kings said in one Explanation. “Now that we have this information, we can work with our local LA County health authorities to provide our fans with information on how to attend our games in the coming week. It’s exciting for our players and our fans.  »
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