World news – LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How Relevant is Religion?


For centuries, millions of Catholics have been led by their Popes in every aspect of their lives.

Currently, however, religion is no longer the driving force for nominal Catholics and its role in Protestant life has diminished.

Nowadays religion, for the most part, does not play a major role in belief or opinion, as it is believed that it has little relevance to modern life.

In the face of fluctuating changes in social norms, is the Pope’s role Values ​​and morals outdated after the 20th century?

Can Pope Francis and Catholicism continue to dictate what Catholics should believe in their personal lives today?

If the Pope finds that same-sex marriage cannot be blessed by God and yet encompasses the communities it represents, is this ambivalence hypocritical?

Margaret Court and Israel Folau are vehemently defamed from the same point of view, but there is no public condemnation of the Pope’s attitude.

ANON. Panic buying meets Rocky – was the last time they all survived? I haven’t heard from anyone who has no food or water. These panic-buying clowns would not have survived the First and Second World Wars. Thank you for your service and common sense during difficult times in Australian history.

ANON. Turn off the state, who gives something over Easter? Health, health, health and more. Think of our elderly who may not see another Christmas, Easter or New Year celebrations, you are a bunch of selfish inbreeding. You wouldn’t know what it is like to go to war and leave your country to fight for what you have today.

LPMC. As I said before, Qld Health is a shameful mess and there are no plans to fix it. Nursing staff say they have no guidance because there is no staff plan. Why do ministers without a clue control massive departments? Qld taxpayers deserve better, not what Palaszczuk does to us.

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