World news – Liberals have to clean up their donations


While he announced that over $ 5,000 in donations would be reported to the Liberal Party within two days, millions of undisclosed donations have flowed into the Liberal coffers over the past three years.

The Australian Electoral Commission return since last state election shows a massive $ 10.2 million in undisclosed donations to major political parties.

Tasmanians have a right to know where the money came from. They deserve to know which companies have donated to the Labor Party and the Liberal Party – transparency and accountability are key to a healthy democracy.

The amount of undisclosed Liberal donations in Fiscal Years 2017-18, 2018 -19 and 2019-20 is $ 7.5 million.

When Tasmanians vote on May 1st, they will be in the dark about Labor and Liberal supporters.

When Peter Gutwein wants Tasmanian voters to take him seriously about the transparency of donations should he reveal details of the huge supply that is already in the party account for this campaign. We also expect Labor to do the same.

Politics in Tasmania is damaged in many ways by the lack of a framework for disclosing donations beyond Commonwealth law.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Parliamentary activity | November 11, 2020

It is good to see Labor join the party to reform the electoral donation law in Tasmania. It’s a shame they stopped at the door.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | July 13, 2020

Tasmanians worried about the state of our democracy would have been even more concerned after hearing Prime Minister Peter Gutwein on ABC Radio this morning.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | February 14, 2020

Today’s annual return on donations from the Australian Electoral Commission shows that the Liberal and Labor parties are still funded.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | February 3, 2020

The Greens are disappointed that both the Liberal and Labor Parties have come together again to vote against the transparency of donations and the democratic process.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | September 14, 2016

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