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Thu 25 Mar 2021 20.57 GMT

First published on March 25, 2021 at 8:44 pm GMT

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You may recall that Scott Morrison tried Tuesday to prove he understood and empathized with women’s struggles through male disrespect and violence … and then immediately tried to file a woman’s harassment complaint at NewsCorp uttering that ultimately didn’t exist and also not completely undoing everything he just said.

With speeches that are no longer available to prove that he is listening, he’s too “A Current Affair ”went to be interviewed by Tracy Grimshaw. That didn’t go well either, to be honest.

The Prime Minister defended himself against the allegation that he was late on the subject of sexism, saying that while women “live with it every day”, they have had different experiences.

For many Australians it was like one big wake up call and it was like a red light to say, stop, look, listen and that’s what we do.

He also reached out for his defense of Attorney General Christian Porter, again referring to him as an « innocent man » and declined the idea of ​​opening a non-criminal investigation into a historical rape allegation against him.

He said that « many things … will strengthen our country to resolve these issues, » including the need to show respect for women.

Our courts, our police and our judiciary are just as important. We cannot dismiss this and think we are fixing this problem.

He repeatedly drew an analogy with former opposition leader Bill Shorten, who faced his own rape allegations, which the police did not want to prosecute.

The Prime Minister confirmed also that he had launched an investigation into whether his office was backing journalists against former Liberal workers and alleged rape victims of Brittany Higgins’ family and that he would not condone this behavior.

He told the program that his chief of staff was on Talked Thursday to a « direct and confidential source » who allegedly witnessed the background.

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Good morning, Matilda Boseley back on the blog and ready to start the week in style.

Well, not too much style, because that’s right, there is another scandal surrounding the mistreatment of women in Parliament.

Liberal MP Andrew Laming apologized to two Brisbane women who accused him of online abuse in a Nine News report last night.

Laming acknowledged that comments made on social media were a matter of great concern to two highly respected people.

Nine news items reported that Laming accused a woman, Alix Russo, of misusing charity funds, which she denies. Russo told Nine that the exchange made her think about killing herself.

That apology came in the form of a written letter and a statement to parliament, which came shortly before the online allegations were broadcast. Abuse was posted by Nine News.

Now, in NSW, the long cleanup is a chore as the majority of floods across the state have receded and evacuation orders are starting to rise.

Evacuation orders for floods were late Picked up Thursday night in several areas of northwest Sydney, including South Creek in Mulgrave and the Hawkesbury River from Wisemans Ferry to Brooklyn and Vineyard.

But not all of them are outside of the forest. Major flooding continues in Maclean in the northern river region this morning, and while the situation in Grafton and Ulmarra is still moderate.

Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said between 3,000 and 4,000 people have been in theirs in the past 24 hours Homes returned and would have asked people not to drive through floods on the way back.

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