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16:02, 2H – Moses Moody takes on a charge and Texas Tech calls for time. The Razorbacks run 9-2 and have the biggest advantage of the night. Justin Smith up to 14 points and Devo Davis 11. No Red Raider is double-digit yet.

16:21, 2H – Arkansas hits the glass hard and Jalen Tate’s turn comes after he scores a mistake from Jaylin Williams Has. He hits both free throws and the Razorbacks are leading by nine, 44-35.

16:35, 2H – Jaylin Williams adds another charge to his list. Arkansas then gets a Justin Smith layup on its next trip down. Moses Moody knocks down a three-ball and the razorbacks are Cup 42-35.

19:06, 2H – Jaylin Williams fouled Mac McClung and took two free throws to pull Texas Tech within 35-33. Justin Smith then adds a dunk, aided by Jalen Tate. Pigs to four.

19:40, 2H – Devo Davis with a jumper to start the second half. He has a strong 11 in 5 of 8 shots. The freshman has been great so far.

HALF – Moses Moody missed a three-pointer to close the half, and Arkansas leads 33-31 at break.

Justin Smith and Davonte Davis were in first half great. Smith scored 10 points and scored four rebounds. Davis scored nine points on 4 out of 7 shots and four rebounds. Jaylin Williams, who made his first start in more than two months, didn’t score but had four rebounds.

JD Notae added six points from the bench for Arkansas, and Moody and Jalen Tate each have four points. The Razorbacks shot 42% in half, keeping the Red Raiders at 36%.

Terrence Shannon has a team high of nine for Texas Tech and Kevin McCullar / Mac McClung each have seven. Marcus Santos-Silva has three points on 1 out of 5 from the ground.

: 48.0, 1H – JD Notae trickled the air out of the ball and then flipped it over along the baseline into a jump ball. Texas Tech possession and a three-ball missing on the other end.

1:47, 1H – Jalen Tate scored with an offensive foul, his second foul of the day. Jaylin Williams stands up for him. Arkansas leads 33-31.

2:06, 1H – Arkansas leads 33-31 in the last media timeout of the half. Devo Davis has nine points and Justin Smith has a game high of 10. Terrence Shannon has nine for Texas Tech, who shoots 39% versus 44% for the Razorbacks.

3:11, 1H – Justin Smith is first to double-digit Area at 10 after a layup gave Arkansas a 33-31 lead. He’s 4 of 6 off the ground and also has four rebounds.

3:26, 1H – Justin Smith with assistance from Jalen Tate for a layup to tie the game 29-29, then Devo Davis inserts one add another jumper. Razorbacks lead 31-29. Mac McClung then ties the game and Chris Beard calls for the time all tied at 31-31. Texas Tech missed 11 of their last 14 shots.

4:47, 1H – Justin Smith blocks Micah Peavy’s layup out of bounds, then Terrence Shannon adds a layup for a 29-27 lead. But Jalen Tate adds Arkansas’ next possession.

5:46, 1H – Devo Davis with a midfielder on top of the key ties the game between 27 and 27. Razorbacks have held Texas Tech off the ground on 1 of their last 10. Davis now has seven points and three rebounds.

6:32, 1H – JD Notae fouled Mac McClung on a drive to the edge and he split a pair on the line. Justin Smith then adds a break from a Devo Davis miss for Arkansas. Razorbacks fell between 27 and 25. Smith has a game height of eight points.

7:06, 1H – Kevin McCullar layup after a miss from Justin Smith from the short right corner. McCullar walked right around Moses Moody on the open floor. Red Raiders 26-23 after a Devo Davis layup plus the foul. Arkansas Trails 26-23. Davis has five points.

7:38, 1H – Desi Sills came into play and immediately missed a left corner three. He was then hit with a hard whistle on the other end to send us to the under 8 timeout. Arkansas Trails 24-20. Texas Tech missed its last seven shots. Terrence Shannon leads the Red Raiders with seven points, and Justin Smith and JD Notae each have six for Arkansas. Moses Moody also has four.

8:24, 1H – Justin Smith was fouled after bouncing back a teammate’s miss, hitting 1 of 2 at the foul line. Razorbacks now fall 24-20. Smith has six points.

8:32, 1H – JD Notae missed a heat check three from the top of the key, and Texas Tech got the ball indoors on the other end. Marcus Santos-Silva separated a pair on the line after a foul by Moses Moody. Razorbacks Trail 24-19.

9:31, 1H – Another three-ball from JD Notae and Arkansas has reduced its deficit to four. Notae now has a team high of six points in seven minutes. Texas Tech on 23-19.

10:12, 1H – Moses Moody finishes the Red Raiders run with a jumper, but Terrence Shannon hits a three. Texas Tech had a 10 point lead before JD Notae knocked down a triple in the right corner. Red Raiders are 4 of 6 in depth to begin the game.

11:42, 1H – Kevin McCullar buries a three-pointer in the left corner to increase Texas Tech’s lead to 18-11, then adds a layup to Marcus Santos-Silva. Red Raiders until 20-11.

11:49, 1H – Texas Tech leads 15-11 on timeout for media under 12. Kyler Edwards has five points and Mac McClung and Terrence Shannon each have four for the Red Raiders. Justin Smith for Arkansas at five. Devo Davis / JD Notae / Jalen Tate each have two. Texas Tech shoots 55% against Arkansas 38%.

The Red Raiders are 2 out of 4 from the deep and the Razorbacks missed all three attempts.

12:36, 1H – Terrence Shannon layup and Texas Tech is leading by six, but Justin Smith is quick to respond with his own layup after tough competition. Smith now has five points.

13:14, 1H – JD Notae’s turnover leads to a dunk by Kyler Edwards. Red Raiders lead 13-9. Arkansas recovered several of its mistakes in a row but was unable to redeem. Texas Tech made it pay.

14:22, 1H – After Jalen Tate misses a midfielder, he comes back and knocks you down to pull the razorbacks within 11-9. It thrives in this short midrange.

15:08, 1H – Devo Davis paused to briefly give Arkansas the lead, but Texas Tech responded with five straights, including a three-ball from Mac McClung, to take an 11-7 lead.

15:56, 1H – Jaylin Williams is hit by a moving screen after the Red Raiders take their first lead. We hit the game’s first media timeout, and Texas Tech is leading 6-5. Kyler Edwards has three points for TTU and Justin Smith has three for Arkansas. The razorbacks are 2 of 6 off the ground.

16:33, 1H – Kevin McCullar hits a hard jumper over Moses Moody in the right short corner to pull Texas Tech within 5-3. Kyler Edwards then buries a three and the Red Raiders lead 6-5.

17:47, 1H – Mac McClung brings the Red Raiders to the board with a free throw. Devo Davis got him out of the foul line with a midfielder. Razorbacks on 5-1.

18:07, 1H – Moses Moody with his first bucket of the game, a pull-up midfielder from the right elbow. It gives the Razorbacks a 5-0 lead.

19:01, 1H – Jaylin Williams bounces off a missed three-ball from Jalen Tate and fouls Marcus Santos-Silva. Devo Davis then missed his first shot of the game. Arkansas still leads 3-0.

19:43, 1H – Moses Moody finds Justin Smith for a layup plus the foul to open the game. He hits the free throw and Arkansas leads 3-0. Great start for Smith, who has been playing like a grown man lately.

Smith has scored more than 20 points in consecutive games for the first time in his college career and averaged 18 points and 8 rebounds in his last nine games. Texas Tech coach Chris Beard said he had one of the best performances in the first round of the tournament.

Tate added 17 points on Friday after scoring twice in a row in the SEC tournament. For Arkansas it is crucial that he stays out of bad trouble and gets offensively into his short, middle and tight positions.

While Moody finished with 12 points against Colgate, he was not an important factor offensively after the first few minutes. We’ll see if he can find a groove. And can Davis continue his solid game? Of his six points on Friday, four were layups and two were off-the-bounce midfielders.

Texas Tech’s starters: Mac McClung (6-2), Terrence Shannon (6-6), Kyler Edwards (6 -4), Kevin McCullar (6-6) and Marcus Santos-Silva (6-7).

This game features two of the top 20 national teams in terms of defensive efficiency, according to KenPom data. Texas Tech is No. 19 and Arkansas is No. 11. The Red Raiders are ranked 31st in Offensive Efficiency while the Razorbacks are No. 36.

Chris Beard’s team plays the 315th fastest pace in the country and an average of 65 possessions per game. Arkansas now averages 73, which is 17th in the nation. We’ll see which style wins and who can bring more tenacity to the ground.

McClung is Texas Tech’s best offensive player. He made 28.8% of his team’s shots on the ground and knocked down 34.1% of his three-point attempts. Edwards is also a three point shooter with 41.4% and one of the Red Raiders’ most efficient players.

Keep an eye on McCullar, Shannon and Santos-Silva defensively. McCullar and Shannon are very solid steals players and Santos-Silva has shown that he can repel opponents’ shots at a fairly high rate.

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