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LOS ANGELES – Lou Williams, always the real one, took a few days to recover from the blow of the trade before joining his new team. In fact, he confirmed that due to last week’s deadline deal, he was seriously considering honoring his suggestion that he would retire if assigned to a team alongside the Clippers.

But Williams decided he had too much in his tank for that and too many people who were dying to see him play in his hometown of Atlanta.

The 16th year security guard discussed everything the first time he spoke to reporters on Tuesday – via a Zoom video conference – since the Clippers took him last week along with the second round 2023 and 2027 draft picks for Rajon Rondo to the Atlanta Hawks.

« It took me a couple of days to get here because when I first arrived I wanted my energy to be positive, I wanted my experience to be positive, and I didn’t want the guys to look at me that way like I didn’t want to be here, ”said Williams, who was with the Hawks in Phoenix but wasn’t yet available to play against the Suns.

« It wasn’t personal against the Hawks, it just took me some time to figure out what was best for me at this stage in my career, but now that I’m here and like I said, I’ve been hugged that Guys it seems they want me here so I’m ready to go back to work.  »

Williams – who will wear # 6, a nod to his son Syx for having the Hawks retired Lou Hudson’s # 23 – said he’ll remember his time in LA so much that he will It took a few days to cope with it.

He won two of his three NBA Sixth Man of the Year awards with the Clippers, leading them with a piercing boast that will outlast his time with the team. And he forged some close ties in LA, none stronger than with fellow watchman Patrick Beverley, the fire on Williams’ ice. The two were the longest-serving Clippers this season, having traveled together from Houston on the 2017 deal for Chris Paul.

« Man, it hurts. Just to be honest, it hurts, ”Williams said. “Overall, I had some very emotional conversations with these guys after the deal. Like Pat, you know. Pat called me the other day a little emotional that my locker was empty. …

« We were there for four years, » Williams continued, remembering her role on the 2018-19 Clippers team, which exceeded expectations by first making the playoffs and then the then twice-defending champions Golden State Warriors forced to six games the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

“We put this group on their backs and fought a very talented Golden State team. When you do something like this, you feel somehow encouraged, like you are part of the culture that was created.

“I’ve thought of a lot of things that will go on with the young people who brought them with them, from Shai (Gilgeous-Alexander) to Terance (man) to (Ivica) Zubac – these are people who we are put a lot of heart and just a lot of courage and trust in these guys, as they should be as professionals, and we were very proud that this would come to an end and that it was time to move on, that was emotional for us.  »

Williams said his goal in Atlanta is to meet his new teammates – which includes Danilo Gallinari, who is also part of the emerging Clippers 2018-19 team – with the same audacity.

« I think with this group in LA that is kind of a team that has been overlooked, people who don’t say you can X, Y and Z, we put this on our backs and we have each other put a chip on my shoulder and went out and we competed at a high level, ”said Williams, who retired his high school jersey from South Gwinnett High School near Atlanta a few years ago.

“I think this team is about to go around the corner with so many young talents. The boys, Trae (Young) and (John Collins) are trying to work out their legacy in this league. These are the guys who are going to be leading this organization to some great moments.

“Just having this arrogance to feel like anything can be achieved. I just kind of want to convey to these guys, no matter what everyone says, at the end of the day it comes down to competing hard, wearing yourself as a professional and always giving yourself the opportunity to play at a high level. ”

The team turned out for @ TeamLou23’s « LouWillVille » court dedication at South Gwinnett High School.

The Clippers list of injuries grew to five Tuesday when Marcus Morris Sr. was scratched with a bruise to his right calf just before the notice – the same injury that put the striker out of the way against San Antonio last week.

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All-Star Paul George – who was questionable on Tuesday – was also unavailable due to a sore right foot. Clippers coach Tyronn Lue declined to say if the injury was related to the bone edema that kept George away from seven straight games last month.

Patrick Beverley (right knee pain) and Rajon Rondo (right adductor pain) also missed the Orlando game, despite Lue saying they were both able to work on the pitch on Tuesday. However, Serge Ibaka (lower back tightness) was unable to attend.

« Yes, Pat and Rondo were on the court today, playing a little four against four, five against five, half and full, » said Lue. « Looked pretty good so hopefully we’ll see these guys sooner rather than later. »

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