World news – Lucas Torreira’s mother dies after fighting Covid-19


Atletico Madrid midfielder Lucas Torreira said he wanted to play for his dream club, Argentina’s Boca Juniors, to be closer to his family in South America after his mother passed away from COVID-19 this week.

Torreira, on loan from Arsenal, returned to his Uruguayan home after his mother tested positive for the virus.

The Uruguayan international, who joined Atletico for a season after joining Arsenal from Thomas Partey, has fought for time at the Spanish club after playing just three La Liga games this season.

« It’s been two years since I personally enjoyed myself, I had no continuity. Arsenal injured me and at Atletico I am not playing the way I want, » Torreira told ESPN.

Torreira says he wants to play for Boca Juniors after his mother dies

« It’s not a crazy decision because of my mother. I really want to play for Boca and I will always say it.

« The night my mother died, one of the first to hear the news was my agent. I don’t want to play in Europe anymore, I want to play for Boca.

Atletico is 66 years old Points after 28 games at the top of the league, four points over Barcelona.

« I have to go back and focus on Atletico, » added Torreira. « I have to be there no matter how painful it hurts, since there are still a month and a half of competition left. Hopefully I can win the league in the end. »


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