World news – Maharashtra has its highest single-day spike of 40,414 COVID-19 cases


With 108 new deaths from COVID-19 infection, the total number of victims in Maharashtra reached 54,181, the state health department said.

Published: March 29, 2021 12:09 AM |

Last updated: March 29, 2021 12:13 am

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MUMBAI: Maharashtra reported 40,414 positive cases of fresh coronavirus on Sunday, the highest increase in a single day, rising over 27 lakh to 27,13,875, the state health ministry said.

At 108 new deaths from COVID-19 infection, the total number of victims in Maharashtra reached 54,181, it said. « Of the 108 deaths, 56 patients died in the last 48 hours while 29 others died in the last week. The remainder. » 20 deaths occurred before last week, « the department said.

Mumbai also reported the highest number of new cases in a day on Sunday, adding 6,933 infections, bringing the total to 3,98,724.

In Maharashtra, 17,874 patients were discharged during the day, for a total of 23,32,453 patients.

In the Mumbai Metropolitan Area (MMR), the city of Thane reported 1,217 cases in one day, while the Kalyan Dombivli City Council reported 1 .081 added new infections.

The number of cases in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) was 2,66,875 while the number in the PCMC areas is 1,30,194.

In the Marathwada area, the city reported Aurangabad 1,031 new cases, while 770 infections were detected in the city of Nanded, according to the department.

With 1,65,591 new tests, the number of samples tested for coronavirus so far in Maharashtra rose to 1,93,58,341, the department said.

Maharashtra’s COVID-19 numbers are as follows: Positive cases: 27,13,875, new cases: 40,414, death toll: 54,181, discharged: 23,32,453, active cases: 3,25,901, people tested so far : 1,93,58,341.

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