World news – Mark Madden’s Hot Take: « Scammers Never Win » does not apply to Major League Baseball


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You can cheat and get away with baseball. Don’t just expand the rules or exploit gray areas. But obviously cheat, win and not be punished.

The greatest example is the Houston Astros. They won a World Series in 2017 by stealing signs. They were caught and confessed. Not one player has been banned. They kept their rings.

The most recent example was on Thursday when the New York Mets hosted Miami. The score was played in a 2-2 draw at the end of ninth place. The bases have been loaded.

With an out and a count of 1-2, Mets batsman Michael Conforto stuck his elbow into the strike zone. The pitch was a blow, but it brushed his elbow. HBP. Game over. The ump screwed it up. The reproduction does not apply.

The Mets celebrated like they’d won the Little League World Series. The full walk-off celebration. They weren’t even remotely embarrassed.

• The next time Conforto hits Miami, it should be drilled. Maybe more than once. The teams should play again on Saturday.

Do you want to be hit? Let’s do it right. Conforto’s elbow was heavily padded. He didn’t take any chances. Find a more sensitive point, like his ribs. A few other mets should land on deck as well. Let them celebrate that.

• MLB should cancel the Mets win and replay the game. Conforto cheated and it led directly to the Mets’ victory. You shouldn’t get away with it.

Baseball’s previous steroid users are a separate debate. MLB did not conduct any steroid testing until 2003. Well-known users don’t make a Hall of Fame for baseball, so there’s no saying they got away with it. Your statistics are forever corrupted. But they kept the money they made.

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