World news – Memorabilia are sold, some items are returned to Pisasale


Close to 150 sports memorabilia owned by Ipswich City Council, valued at more than $ 53,000, will be auctioned with money earmarked for return to the community.

They are part a collection of 755 items put together by the council following the investigation by the Commission on Crime and Corruption in 2018.

Many of the items were believed to have been bought by former councilors with money from interest payers or donated to the council.

Some items will be returned to the disgraced former Mayor Paul Pisasale at his request if he can show that he owns them and that part of the property is already back in his possession.

The Ipswich City Council unanimously voted to hire an auction house to sell the sporting memorabilia with proceeds for a community funding program that will be used in the next fiscal year Sports memorabilia includes a $ 7,000 Brisbane Broncos jersey worn by Alfie Langer, a signed photo of Muhammad Ali, and a signed glove valued at $ 2,000 and $ 900, respectively $ 3,000 plus a cricket bat signed by New South Wales and Queensland players from the first game of Sheffield Shield, a $ 900 hat signed by racing champion Michael Schumacher, and a trio of cricket bats from Don Bradman worth more than $ 1200 each.

Balls, bats, jerseys, and other clothing items made by the Queensland Maroons, Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Roar, Ipswich Jets, and local cricket star Shane Watson signed are included in the collection as well as more everyday items like tea sets and plush toys.

Items donated to the council are checked by council officials to see if they’re in the civic collection of the city.

Some items requested by Pisasale will only be returned if he can prove possession or if they are of no value.

A report to the city council states: « One a large amount of other material that apparently belonged to the former mayor has already been returned to his possession. ”Among the items Pisasale has reclaimed is a framed QT front cover of his head that is labeled“ Heavyweight Champion of Ipswich « was photographed on the body of a boxer, more than 40 political cartoons drawn by Wil Mitchell, a Greek silver coin, Japanese fans and paintings, a Russian hat, a garden gnome, a gold and silver plate from China, a Royal Doulton Tea set, mini Buddhas, a 6 liter bottle of wine and a painting of yourself by ‘D Martin’ in 2015.

The proceeds from the sale of these items will be made available in a « special community funding program » launched in fiscal 2021-22.

Former Interim Administrator Greg Chemello said the records for the hundreds of items were either very poor or non-existent, and it was just Little information available on how and for how much they were bought.

The CCC informed the council in December that it had « no further interest » in the items and could do whatever they wanted with them.


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