World news – Mexico receives 174 million vaccines against Covid-19


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Mexico, February 2 (Prensa Latina) Mexico will receive 174 million doses of several Covid-19 vaccines for six months to immunize 104 million citizens, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced on Tuesday. </ At the President's press conference that morning, which is still being held by Government Secretary Olga Sanchez, the Foreign Minister presented a report on the vaccines as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was quarantined. Ebrard recalled that in October the government had signed contracts to buy vaccines from Pfizer, AstraZeneca along with Argentina, China's Cansino vaccine, Russia's Sputnik V and a package of a dozen Covax vaccines from the United Nations Mechanism, the latter from March 2020 to the G-20. In any case, he said the necessary payments were made to secure a vital amount of vaccines that can be vaccinated for free for the entire Mexican population of 127 million people. He referred to the resolution, supported by 178 UN member countries and presented by Mexico, to universalize vaccines to prevent hoarding by rich countries; and in this regard they made reservations about buying the vaccines. The $ 51.5 million early payment reserved 34.4 doses of the Pfizer vaccine; 31 cans of Cansino and 77.4 cans of AstraZeneca in a time-consuming process. In addition, 24 million doses of Sputnik V as well as doses of Covax, Jansen, Johnson, Johnson and Novabac vaccines were reserved. In addition, Mexico is participating in Phase III multiple vaccines as part of a strategy to participate in as many studies as possible in order to know and be the first to receive each of them. As for Sputnik V, the contract will be signed in the next few hours, and according to scientific and laboratory studies, 91.6 percent effectiveness has been verified, which disproves smear campaigns against it. jg / aph / agp / lma


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