World news – Michael Rapaport reveals evil feuds with Nets star Kevin Durant


Net star Kevin Durant used a variety of misogynistic terms and threatened Michael Rapaport during a flurry of confrontational private social media messages over a period of three months that the actor posted on Tuesday.

The feud appeared in the December, when Rapaport wrote on Twitter that Durant was « very sensitive about everything » in an interview with Charles Barkley and the crew of « NBA on TNT ». There were private responses from Durant referring to Rapaport as « bh » and « d-head ».

Rapaport did not step down from Durant and appeared to be embarking on one of the NBA’s greatest talents for a while by playing told him to « help the kids in Brownsville, Brooklyn and stop being a fucking bloke ».

But it seems to have reached the boiling point when Durant involved Rapaport’s family. Shared the news with a snake emoji, Rapaport said, Durant « is threatening me now, teasing my wife and wanting to fight. This is supposed to be America’s treasure, right? « 

Durant, who hasn’t played for the nets since his hamstring injury on February 13th, hasn’t refuted the news of him. Instead, he offered a strange defense of his behavior on Twitter: » Myself and Mike are talking about CRAZIER as that on the regular and today he’s pissed off … My bad Mike, damn it !! « 

He also wrote on Instagram: » I would never fight Mike … The Portnoy thing was too far like me see … my bad, I apologize. « 

I get threats and disgusting messages EVERYDAY, but in my wildest dreams I never thought that @ KDTrey5 would be among them. The 🐍 itself threatens me now, pulls my wife comes up and wants to fight. This is supposed to be America’s treasure, right? #ImDaRealMVP

Durant persecuted Rapaport relentlessly over a libel suit the actor filed against Barstool Sports three years ago. A judge at the US District Geri cht Süd dropped the lawsuit on Friday. It was about a T-shirt depicting Rapaport as a clown with a red mark on his chin – which Rapaport claims he had herpes.

One of the rough terms Durant uses is to say Rapaport:  » All you do is ask other men for their attention ”, label him a“ piece of ST ”, tell him to“ suck Ad-K ”and add,“ You called your lawyer like that py you are. « 

At one point, Durant said in an undated message to Rapaport that he would » spit in your face « and asked him to meet on West 17th St. at 10 a.m. He also threatened to go through the Rapaport residence if he was given the address.

Rapaport has two children with his ex-wife, the writer and producer Nichole Beattie and the remarried actress Kebe Dunn.

« Your wife is crazy about F – K, because you’re wasting some money on a lawyer because you can’t be kidding, « Durant wrote with an exaggerated » haha ​​ »before continuing her. Your wife doesn’t even respect your b – ha -. »

Rapaport, a native of New York with more than 120 television and movie credits since the 1990s, went on ESPN’s « The Michael Kay Show » on Tuesday to move the story forward. He admitted that « a lot » of his own reactions to Durant were omitted, implying that Durant may not think clearly about pain medication.

« I thought he was talking crap the way he talked at first, » Rapaport said on the air . “So during this exchange it went from friendly banter to threats, the threats you read. And what’s excluded from the answers is that I’m basically asking, « Is this guy serious? »

« And then I said to him, » You’re not doing anything to me. You don’t have to know who I am. You don’t do anything to me. And when I see you, you won’t do anything to me. And I promise you won’t harm me. And I’ll meet you anytime, anywhere. I will come to your games. You, Kevin Durant, don’t harm me. « 

 » He started a conversation by saying, « I’ll spit in your face, » he said to co-host Peter Rosenberg. « You don’t spit in my face. It’s not a friendly joke. When I go: » Oh, Peter Rosenberg, yo, you look like you’ve gained some weight, « that’s a blast. You’re not telling me we’re mine Spit in the face and then raise my wife and think we’re cool. We’re not cool. We’re not cool.

« I ended up thinking, » You talk to me like – I don’t know how you talk to me talking. « Maybe I don’t know what he got his hands on out there in Brooklyn. I know he is on pain medication. I dont know. Who knows? I say nothing. I’m just saying maybe he’s bored. « 

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