World news – Michelle Roberts becomes WA’s first spokeswoman as the triumphant prime minister reshuffles the cabinet


WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan unveiled his redesigned cabinet after a massive caucus that saw the WA Labor Party find a bigger space.

As expected, the revamped ministry included re-elected MPs Amber-Jade Sanderson, Don Punch, Reece Whitby, Tony Buti and John Carey.

You will join Deputy Prime Minister Roger Cook, Sue Ellery, Stephen Dawson, Alannah MacTiernan, David Templeman, John Quigley, Paul Papalia, Bill Johnston, Rita Saffioti , Simone McGurk and Dave Kelly join.

Peter Tinley, Minister for Housing and Fisheries in the previous McGowan administration, said he was disappointed to have been fired from cabinet to make way for « renewal » .

« But … I understand that leadership sometimes requires some very difficult decisions, and that’s exactly what Mark McGowan had to do, and I accept his decision.

 » I’m a Labor man in my boots traps, and I love what that party did for me, and I would never disregard it.

Michelle Roberts, the previous administration’s police minister, looked forward to becoming the first speaker in the WA Legislative Assembly.

« I will definitely miss the police portfolio, but I am really excited about the new challenge of being a speaker, » she said.

« I will be the first speaker, which is a historic first. It’s an added thrill for me. « 

The politics, the politics and the people. We have gathered all of our campaign coverage here.

The parliamentary secretaries are Samantha Rowe, Darren West, Terry Healy, Simon Millman, Yaz Mubarakai, Jessica Shaw, Jessica Stojkovski, Sabine Winton, Kyle McGinn and Matthew Swinbourn.

With more than 70 Labor MPs eager to sit in the new parliament, the caucus had to be held in the members’ dining room of Parliament.

The new Labor Caucus showed a wave of new faces, a record number of women and the first person of African descent in the history of the WA Parliament.

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He thanked MPs for their work during the campaign and said it was important that this s they worked hard for their constituencies.

« It’s good to see people who have never otherwise voted for us show their support, » said McGowan.

« It means they are in all These voters will get MPs who will not take these voters for granted and who will work very hard for these voters. « 

Labor claimed another seat on Monday, with former Nationals leader Terry Redman taking Warren’s seat. Blackwood lost to Jane Kelsbie.

« I don’t know what else I could have done to hit the tsunami in McGowan, » he said.

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