World news – Migrant arrivals have skyrocketed following the Biden victory, according to the Border Patrol chief


The number of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border has skyrocketed in the months since President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, the outgoing Border Patrol chief warned. </ During a conversation with reporters on Tuesday, Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan warned that arrivals at the US-Mexico border would hit new highs following Biden's election.

« We are already seeing the negative effects of the proposed Policy changes, « said Morgan. “Cartels and people smugglers are spreading the perception that our borders will be open. In this case they are correct. You’re right – it’s not just perception. « 

 » One could argue, « he went on, that the 74,000 migrant arrivals at the southern border in December are responsible for » crisis figures « .

Despite the disapproval of Biden’s plan, his predecessor’s tough immigration policy Morgan expressed some hopes based on discussions between his team and his successors.

« We hope the dialogue will continue. We hope that – as this government did – they actually listen to the experts on the ground, to facts and to reality. And they will make the necessary adjustments that we need to protect our country, « remarked the border chief.

 » What I heard from the people at CBP, the experts who attended the briefings, was very positive « , he continued. « They felt that the questions asked were good questions, were informed questions, were the right questions, and I was told that they really felt that the briefing team was actually listening and hearing what was being discussed. »

Morgan said he also feels reassured by Biden’s recent decision not to immediately withdraw President Trump’s asylum restrictions on the Mexican border.

Biden’s initial promise to reverse his predecessor’s immigration policy within its first 100 days will be delay to avoid « 2 million people on our border ».

The incoming commander in chief said he would work with Congress to obtain the funds necessary to use asylum judges to investigate the backlog of cases – a process he warned could take up to six months.

« Here’s another reason I’m confident, » said Morgan at the D tuesday. « They have already gone back on what they would do. Mr Biden himself said he would not do what he promised on the first day because he knew it would lead to a crisis – that was very good to hear, but it does not alleviate my concerns. « 

 » It’s just a kick to the crisis, there has to be real reform of the open borders strategies. « 

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