World news – Moy Pocket Farmers sponsored to attend the national conference


Moy Pocket farmers Matthew and Michelle Trace will be attending the Farm2Plate Exchange National Agriculture and Food Conference in May thanks to sponsorship from Norco.

Subsidizing farmers to participate in the Farm2Plate Exchange – an event at attending some of the biggest names in Australia’s food and agriculture industries – is one of the ways Norco has worked closely with its membership.

Rose Wright, Regional Director, thanked Norco for her contribution to allow more farmers to attend the conference, which highlighted issues aimed at creating a more sustainable future for the agro-food industry.

« During the drought and the bushfire, Norco experienced a worsening drought – Recovery component provided to help farmers recover, « she said.

 » K a question, 2020 has been one of the toughest years in existence, but many of our farmers have demonstrated their strength and resilience by transforming their businesses into innovations such as agrotourism and new distribution models to adapt to ever-changing conditions. « 

Early bird tickets are available until March 31st. The general admission tickets are then available:


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