World news – MTA reduces the service as it prepares for an “unpredictable” snow storm


The « unpredictable » snowstorm that will hit the Big Apple will cut bus and Long Island Rail Road services and could cause subway delays as it picks up speed, transit officials warned on Sunday .

Mario Peloquin, MTA’s chief operating officer, said the contract workers « are doing everything they can to prepare for the storm, which is expected to start Sunday afternoon and last through Tuesday.

 » The winds and snowfall rates are a bit unpredictable, « Peloquin said at a press conference. « We expect the storm to get worse by the time it rains tomorrow after rush hour. Therefore, all of our teams are ready to deal with the time as the time approaches. » Transit officials said bus traffic will be reduced and that they are ready to limit some subway lines, especially with express services.

The agency said it will also extend the weekend schedule for the LIRR from midnight Sunday to Tuesday evening. The only change to Metro-North, which already has a reduced timetable due to COVID-19, is currently that the trains no longer depart from Grand Central Station from Monday to Tuesday at midnight and then pick them up again on Tuesday morning. p> « The interesting thing about this storm is that we really need to be flexible, » said Acting Executive Vice President of Subways Demetrius Crichlow.

« Based on the amount of predictions we have, we need to look ahead which areas snow falls earlier or where we get more.  » We may need to curtail a service in prep because our goal is not to have a customer or train stranded, ”he said.

Transit officials said they had“ contingent liabilities in addition to contingent liabilities ”to keep the New However, Yorkers urged them to stay home if possible.

« The overwhelming message is if people don’t have to go out tonight and for the next day and a half, please stay home as the Things will be unpredictable with the storm that will hit us, « Peloquin said.

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