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Sascha Paruk
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Jan 28, 2021 11:37 a.m. PST

With Joe Biden taking over the presidency and Donald J. Trump disappearing – at least slightly – from the country’s political landscape, sports betting adjusts the election opportunities for 2024 to new and frankly ridiculous ones Wise on.

Mike Lindell, better known as MyPillow Guy, was the latest pseudo-candidate to be added to the political future. Far from being the first non-politician to sit on the board of directors.

The table below has been compiled to include only the most absurd celebrities in the 2024 election rates. The term « celebrity » is used loosely.

Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has been a right-wing donor and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump for years, both during and after Trump’s time at the White House. Following the 2020 election, Lindell reiterated unsubstantiated claims that the outcome had been rigged. After the riots in the Capitol, he stated that Trump supporters were peaceful and that ANTIFA was responsible for the violence.

Lindell has since been banned from Twitter, and major retail chains have stopped shipping his company’s products.

On Friday, January 15, Lindell was photographed meeting then-President Trump at the White House. He carried notes that appeared to be advocating the establishment of martial law.

Lindell has never held or even run for public office, but unlike many others on the list above, he has at least said that he is seriously considering it . He is currently flirting with running for governor of his home state Minnesota in 2022 without committing to or denying rumors.

Even so, a gubernatorial run is far from leading the Republican Party in its 2024 attempt to Retake Washington. Lindell is on the list because his name was in political headlines. He’s not a realistic candidate.

Anyone who identifies as a Democrat can be kicked out. If Joe Biden is not the 2024 candidate, it will almost certainly be Kamala Harris. It is telling that the current likelihood of being the Democratic candidate in four years’ time slightly favors the 56-year-old VEEP over the 78-year-old president.

Jon Stewart, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher and Meghan Markle won’t be on the menu.

Some of the people listed above are not clearly Republicans or Democrats, including billionaires Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. All three have the financial means to fund an independent run for the White House, particularly Musk and Bezos, the two richest people in the world.

Cubans debated as independents in 2020 but decided against it. In almost every way, Cuban is absurdly rich. The only standard it isn’t at is the Musk / Bezos standard. The $ 4.2 billion Cuban net worth is a fraction of Musk and Bezos, who each have more than $ 200 billion. It is estimated that Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s campaigns spent over $ 11 billion in total for 2020. Putting together a serious run for the White House would be a significant expense for Cubans.

In late 2020, The Express released a story about several prominent players in the GOP that Fox News host Tucker Carlson endorsed for a bid for 2024. Carlson himself said he couldn’t imagine a world in which he would be a serious presidential candidate. Four years ago that could have been true. Then Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in the country. Carlson looks positively qualified by comparison. Aside from his moral compass, he’s a much more talented speaker than Trump. He also has a tremendous amount of name recognition and the ego necessary to believe he can do the job.

It’s still a long way off for Carlson to become the 47th President of the United States, but there is at least one obvious way for the commentator to put together a serious offer within a party seeking leadership.

Sascha was a hockey player in his youth, a lawyer in his capricious mid-20s, and has been an editor, writer for over five years now and senior quota maker for SBD. It covers everything you could possibly bet but specializes in soccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball.

Sascha was a hockey player in his youth, a lawyer in his capricious mid-20s, and has been the editor, writer, and senior odds maker for SBD for over five years. It covers everything you could possibly bet but specializes in soccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball.

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