World news – Networks eyeing JaVale McGee with Kevin Love are unlikely


The net defense met with great success when center Jarrett Allen was distributed to the Cavaliers. Now her search for a great man could bring her back to Cleveland, as it is believed she is keeping an eye on JaVale McGee.

Brooklyn has not been able to protect the color since trading Allen for James Harden. His defensive rating was penultimate in the NBA in the six games since he left and came into play against Miami on Monday. And the nets can be as safe as they want, they know an Achilles heel when they see one.

« There is some truth to it, » said Steve Nash. “We traded away J.A., an excellent defender. But we have a historically great offensive player, so we have to learn to identify ourselves. Who are we? Where do we go and how do we get there? It’s so new with this group that we need to find out. But that’s a hole. We’re not loaded with tons of front court defenders.

« But we’re not necessarily a defensive group with our profile and identity anyway, so we have a lot to find out on this end of the floor. » And it will take time. It’s a problem, but it’s a problem we have to solve. It’s a big challenge for us to figure out together how we can become a better defensive team. « 

The first step is GM Sean Marks, who wants to colorize Norvel Pelle. But he’s an aviator with only a year of NBA experience. McGee, 33, is more of a tried-and-tested product.

The nets have too two open roster slots after the official Pelle addition. The Post reported that they will continue to try to improve both rim protection and wing defense and will be more active in the market once they are granted an exception for disabled players, which fits their mid-level taxpayer exemption.

They were awarded the MLE on Friday, deepening the pool of potential targets. League sources say McGee is of interest, while FortyEightMinutes suggested the networks at McGee could « go for a run, » and KRON4 News reported Monday that they have already had discussions with Cleveland about the 7-foot, 270-pounder.

That report also identified Kevin Love as a potential net target nt, with the Cavs trying to turn centers into assets. But the league staff The Post spoke to noted that a much less likely move considering Love is mediocre defensively, grossing $ 91.5 million this and the next two seasons together.

 » If the roster composition changes defensively for the better, that’s great, « Nash said earlier. « But I don’t think we can count on it because it may not be possible. It’s not like they just fall from trees so we can pick them up, people who will change our defenses. » Granted, McGee is a third stringer behind Allen and Andre Drummond, who has only signed up 15 minutes since Allen’s arrival. And The Ringer even suggested that the Nets keep an eye on Drummond in the unlikely event he gets bought out by the April date. (One of the two roster slots must be occupied by Jan. 30th).

But while McGee is more dispensable to the Cavs, it would be a defensive upgrade over Reggie Perry (a raw second round rookie) and a much bigger alternative to Jeff Green (6-8, 235 only). Nic Claxton is still injured.

McGee is a solid defender who earned three rings with the Warriors and the Lakers and played alongside Kevin Durant in the Golden State. He also only earns $ 4.2 million and could easily be inducted directly into the DPE, which equates to $ 5.7 million.

On Monday, McGee scores an average of 8.2 in just 16.8 minutes and 6.2 boards. And while his shooting percentage has dropped to a career low of 44.7 percent, Durant, Harden and Kyrie Irving need the nets central defense, not a goal.

Whether from McGee, Drummond, Pelle or elsewhere, it’s obvious that their search is on still persists after taller men.

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