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Tue 30 Mar 2021 03.47 BST

First published on March 30, 2021, 02.35 a.m. CET

3.42 a.m. BST03: 42

10th over: Australia 61-1 (Mooney 33, Lanning 22) Frankie Mackay is back and turning the left-handed wicket to start, but Mooney gets a single straight away. Over the wicket to Lanning, who is checking a push into the gap. Flight to Mooney moving forward and square. Tamsyn Newton chases it back to the rope, slips and snaps back to Amelia Kerr, who assists her. Three runs. Mackay falls short, but Lanning has unusually missed a few opportunities behind the point and she hits another that is well saved by a diving Mair. Great span on this outfield player. Then a slight chance at Midwicket when Lanning flicks over Amelia Kerr, who may be touching the ball with her fingertips as she bounces after the catch. Two more stripe runs. But this Australian couple is still there.

3.38 a.m. BST03: 38

9th over: Australia 54-1 (Mooney 29, Lanning 19) A good over from Amelia Kerr, five runs away after tying Lanning in the middle of the over. Only singles moved around the field, then two runs as Lanning pulls the sixth ball. The googly pitching again too short.

3.35 a.m. BST03: 35

8th over: Australia 49-1 (Mooney 27, Lanning 16) The Kerr sisters are now bowling in tandem, and Jess comes back. Lanning tries to do what Healy didn’t and Lanning succeeds, opening her face and deliberately driving over cover. Twists the stroke, then Mooney picks up a slower ball and hits it over Midwicket. Four more. 11 from above with a leg bye and another single for Mooney to the backward point.

3.32 a.m. BST03: 32

7th over: Australia 38-1 (Mooney 22, Lanning 11) The field restrictions end and Amelia Kerr comes into play. The Australians followed her the other day, especially Gardner, and beat her out of the attack. Very rarely would you see A. Kerr, by far the best female bowler in New Zealand, fail to complete her four overs in a T20. She caught Lanning in the depths, but many of her broken legs flew down without being caught. No big hits this time: Mooney drives a single, Lanning cuts a few runs back to third place, then they take a few more singles. Lanning uses her feet early and turns balls into low full throws. So she gets a short ball from the sixth over, Kerr tries a wrong ball, but throws it short and wide and gets away with it, while Lanning cuts straight to the rear point fielder.

3.27 a.m. BST03: 27

6th over: Australia 33-1 (Mooney 20, Lanning 8) Lanning, who keeps trying to go offside against Hannah Rowe’s Sailors, has a hard time getting the ball to play early. Pushes a ball high over the point of luckily not getting caught for two runs, misses a few more attempts. But once she goes to the side of the leg, that’s where she gets the timing. The ball is a bit fuller and Lanning hits it high above the rope on the floor. The two, the six and four points from above.

3.23 a.m. BST03: 23

5th over: Australia 25-1 (Mooney 20, Lanning 0) Mooney again picks up a limit from that straight ball from Mair, first from above, but Mair bowls really well after a single lanning put on strike Has. Full and straight, the Australian captain yorks twice, just keeping the ball out. No more points prevent a leg goodbye as Katey Martin falls down the side of the leg and does an awkward side roll that bends her neck. « I don’t need a chiropractor after that, » she says on the player microphone.

3.21 a.m. BST03: 21

4th over: Australia 19-1 (Mooney 15, Lanning 0) The captain Meg Lanning to the kink for the last ball of the fourth over. Defends.

3.18 a.m. BST03: 18

This time Newton is able to make up for her previous miss with a dive stop at the backward point after Mooney steered the ball in search of the limit in the deep third. They run off and Healy pushes Jess Kerr’s delivery outside and misses. Rarely do you see the Aussie Keeper opener starting so slowly: by now, she’s usually either at 20 or she’s out. She withdraws to shorten his time, wants to make room, but ends up doing too much. And from the fifth ball of the over? I swear I wrote the lines above before this happened. Healy swings big on a fully swinging ball and tries to take cover and she is brilliantly trapped behind her! Katey Martin, standing up against the stumps, makes a rebound catch. The thick edge hits her gloves and goes out before she has time to think, but she is able to hit the rebound in front of her body and jump forward from there to grab the second chance.

3.14 a.m. BST03: 14

3rd over: Australia 17-0 (Healy 3, Mooney 14) Healy wants to get started. Mair goes ahead, hits the ball nicely on the side of the straight, but a top diver save from Hannah Rowe prevents a limit. They start running. Mair hits Mooney at a really nice length by moving the ball away from the seam twice from the left and hitting the edge. Too straight off the last ball, and Mooney flips through a long leg for four and beats Newton’s sliding rescue attempt.

3.09 a.m. BST03: 09

2nd over: Australia 12-0 (Healy 2, Mooney 10) Jess Kerr from the other end and she was the standout last night. She swings her right arm, usually comes over the wicket, takes the ball far and swings it away from the left into the right-hander. That’s how she got the first left-handed Mooney ball the other night, swung over and caught him slipping. But Kerr’s first ball today is a little straight so Mooney can drive a single one of her stumps to the side of her leg. Healy tries a big pull shot of a shorter ball and gets just enough from a top edge to carry him in a circle over midwicket. A happy run. Mooney on strike again. Doesn’t want to be a sitting duck if Kerr gets her length right, so Mooney goes ahead to change the length. Smart move, and it’ll give her more length to cover for four! Top shot that beats the field along the ground. Kerr comes around the wicket in response to see if she can bring her fishing line into play with a touch of outward swing while at the same time bringing lbw into play with the straight ball. But she falls short again to end the ending, and Mooney draws for four. She’s such a classy player on the floor. Doesn’t hit a lot of sixes, but doesn’t have to: She hits more fours than anyone else in the game.

3.04 a.m. BST03: 04

1st over: Australia 2-0 (Healy 1, Mooney 1) Let’s go. Frankie Mackay will open bowling and batting today in Devine’s absence. The only word so far is that she’s sick rather than hurt. I wish her the best. Mackay bowls turn off and she got Healy out the first night the first. So Healy will be vigilant when he starts the game today. He takes four balls to push a single one through cover across the floor. Mooney adds another. No aerial photography, no advancement on the wicket.

2.49 a.m. BST02: 49

Sophie Devine isn’t playing today, I’m just looking for information on what is likely to be an injury break for the captain. So a move to the NZ team at the head of the order and the addition of Thamsyn Newton. For Australia, young speedster Darcie Brown will make her debut, which is exciting. Tayla Vlaeminck is turned aside to assist in the return of long-term foot fractures.

2.43 a.m. BST02: 43

The coin gets in the way of Amy Satterthwaite this time after Lanning decided to hunt in the first match. In general, this is the preferred method for teams in T20 these days: know what you are following. Especially in a day game where the floodlights and dew don’t change the batting conditions in the second innings.

2.34 a.m. BST02: 34

The time has come: Game 2 of the T20 series between Australia and New Zealand. The first match was one that went spinning and spinning, with the Kiwis fighting in the first half, taking the top spot in bowling, and then being swept aside by a mighty inning from Ashleigh Gardner. They are not going to bring four wickets to this Australian team every day for not many so they may ruin this missed opportunity. The Aussies will likely be better for the run after spending two weeks in hotel quarantine. Are they going to fire today? Or can the home team come together after a bad home season so far, having been comfortably beaten by England in two formats?


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