World news – NFL Draft: 49ers trade up to number 3 and send huge shipments to Dolphins


The 49ers acquire number 3 overall pick from the Miami Dolphins in next month’s draft, and the cost is as high as expected, at least in terms of the capital draft, according to multiple reports.

In return, the 49ers will send drafts for the first round over the next three years, starting with this year’s selection No. 12 and a selection for the third round in the April draft, reported Adam Schefter from ESPN for the first time.

This essentially puts the 49ers in a position to draw Jimmy Garoppolo’s successor, although that transition is not guaranteed for this season.

Neither the 49ers nor Dolphins announced the deal, despite the NFL Network confirming ESPN’s report. However, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that they had acquired that No. 12 selection (plus No. 123 overall and one selection for the first round in 2022) in a subsequent trade with the Dolphins for selections No. 6 and 156.

Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is expected to go No. 1 on the Jacksonville Jaguars. The second most touted quarterbacks are BYU’s Zach Wilson and Ohio State’s Justin Fields, who worked four years ago at a summer clinic with 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. Trey Lance, North Dakota and Mac Jones, Alabama are also top options. From this pair, Jones is seen as more logical for the 49ers, according to Chris Simms, a close friend of Shanahan’s.

Most design experts expect the Jets to take over Wilson, leaving Fields, Lance, and Jones (and other options) to the 49ers.

The news of the trade came on Friday morning when Wilson began his daily training at BYU. Those in attendance included 49ers general manager John Lynch.

Lynch confirmed the deal with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche, noting that the 49ers called Garoppolo to let him know that he is sticking to their 2021 plans.

According to the team, the # 49ers keep Jimmy Garoppolo. @ wyche89 says that John Lynch told him, « Yes, we decided to do this. After it was completed, the first thing we did was call Jimmy Garoppolo to let him know that he was still on our plans. »

Four years ago, the 49ers bypassed the number 3 quarterbacks in the overall standings and instead designed the defensive tackle Solomon Thomas. The 49ers owned the number 2 on that draft but swapped it for the Chicago Bears, who picked Mitchell Trubisky ahead of a quarterback crop that included future stars Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

The third round picks the 49ers send to the Dolphins is the 49ers pick from the NFL’s diversity recruitment initiative as compensation for Robert Saleh, their former defensive coordinator who coached the New this off-season York Jets has been received.

According to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Garoppolo is expected to remain the 49ers’ starter to return to the Super Bowl stage, where Garoppolo and the 49ers lost a late lead over the Kansas City Chiefs in February 2020.

Shanahan and Lynch have publicly endorsed Garoppolo at every opportunity since they were asked, since he got into a Halloween deal with the New England Patriots in 2017.
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Neither Shanahan nor Lynch have spoken to the media about the 49ers’ plans and set a 6-10 record since January 4th, the day after last season’s injury-related march. Shanahan and Lynch are said to be speaking to reporters over a video call on Monday.

Garoppolo has two years left on a contract that provides for an annual salary of around $ 24 million. His injury history (ACL torn in 2018, ankle sprains in 2020) led the 49ers to say they would at least try to upgrade the backup roles, though that trade certainly signals bigger plans at the top of the depth map – themselves when the Niners say Garoppolo stick to their plans.

Josh Rosen and Josh Johnson are the current backups and no one took a snapshot for the 49ers.

Former substitute C.J. Beathard signed a two-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, and former starter Nick Mullens is a free agent rehabilitating an elbow injury.

The submission of three draft picks for the first round is a near-historic dowry for the 49ers competing with a 1976 package that New England’s Jim Plunkett for three picks for the first round and one pick for the second Round and brought in quarterback Tom Owens.

The selection of the 49ers in the first round hasn’t all changed since the takeover of Shanahan and Lynch in 2017, starting with this year’s selection of Thomas (who was in the free agency for the Raiders last week) and Linebacker Reuben Foster (No. 31; published) November 2018). Other first round players: Right-back Mike McGlinchey (No. 9 in 2018), defensive end Nick Bosa (No. 2 in 2019), defensive tackle against Javon Kinlaw (No. 14 in 2020) and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk (No. 25 in 2018) 2020); Bosa was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The 49ers now have to do seven picks next month, in round 1 (No. 3), round 2 (No. 43), round 4 (No. 117), round 5 (No. 155, 172, 180) and round 6 (No. 194). You traded picks in round 3 (Trent Williams, Washington) and round 7 (Marquise Goodwin, Philadelphia) in addition to the picks traded to Miami on Friday.


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