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V’landys was never afraid of small competition and takes the fight for supremacy in the Australian sports landscape seriously, but also with a touch of good humor.

The NRL boss has openly stated that he is saved the rugby league as the son of a migrant who grew up in Wollongong, and he hasn’t forgotten his roots as a public school kid all those years ago.

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« Peter do you like AFL? » Matty Johns asked Matty Johns’ face to face in the Fox League.

« Look, I’ve never been a fan and I don’t want to take anything away from the great athletes in the AFL players because they are great athletes and they have to be because it’s such a boring sport. « 

 » I just can’t get excited about it and it’s just me. There are lots of other people who love the sport, but they have to love lots of other boring things, too, though that’s the way it is. « 

 » Hypothetically, if you turn on the television on a Friday night and have the choice between rugby union or AFL, which do you watch?  » Johns followed him.

One of the most important mandates of V’landys in his role in rugby league and racing is to compete with the other rules of sport and Racing Victoria, and it’s something he doesn’t shy away from .

“I love competition. I think competition is a great thing and it improves your performance. It improves what you do.

« But they don’t see it that way. They see it as a threat. But it’s just competition.

 » They’ve never had competition, so it’s alien to them and they don’t know how to handle it.

“All we do in the NRL and in racing is to compete with them. We’re getting better and stronger and we’re going to take some of their fans with us. “

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Johns urged V’landys to take his approach to Racing Victoria as an example of how he will fight the NRL for the coat of the # 1 winter sports code in Australia.

 » Let’s talk about the Melbourne Race and Spring Carnival that were once sacrosanct, « said Johns.

 » A few years ago you worked out a plan to adopt it and again they laughed at you and mocked you . You’re not laughing now.

« Your government basically came out and said NSW is now having competition and those are the words I wanted to hear, » V’landys replied.

« That The beauty of Everest that is lost for everyone is that it is for those under 30. Kids don’t want to do what their parents do.

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“The Melbourne Cup is a traditional race. Your parents are betting on it and the children are not engaged. We wanted to find a breed that would be their generation breed. That was Everest and in a very short time it really worked. « 

V’landys looks to his racing experience, which he believes can help him attract new fans to the rugby league sport.

 » It shows that you do anything if you have the right product, the right marketing and the right branding, « said V’landys.

 » I want to bring this back to the rugby league too by bringing it back to this younger audience.

« That’s why participation is so important. We’ve found that once you’ve played the game, even if it’s just a tip or a day and you’ve played for three years, you’ll become a fan for life. » p> « You are your future customers, and I think that all sports, and rugby league in particular, go wrong is that they never care about their customers. It never cares about its fans.

 » They take great care of their players and their coaches, but they don’t take into account the person who pays the revenue. « 

Johns asked V’l andys, what lessons he could learn from the duel between Racing Victoria in the duel between NRL and AFL.

« What have you learned from racing and what will you take with you into the fight with the AFL? Did the arrogance of Victorian racing make you vulnerable? « Johns asked.

 » You think you are better than anyone else. I’ve had this all my life. I’m not a private student. The closest I went to a private school, I went pass it.

« The people down there are all private students and there’s nothing wrong with private students. I try to get my kids through private school.

 » But don’t think you’re better than anyone. We are all the same. We are all the same. Respect us as well. They don’t show that. You just think, « We’ll think it over and do what you’re told ». We have all these great races. We are the greatest thing there is. « 

 » That only made me more determined. This arrogance. This superiority complex. I just picked them up like I did when I was walking through school. “

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