World news – Nurses protest against the shocking state of private elderly care


Rolling rallies will be held outside federal offices today to highlight the shocking conditions in private Australian elderly care.

Beth Mohle, secretary for the Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union (QNMU), said nurses, midwives and Queenslanders would call for action at seven locations as part of the QNMU’s Aged Care Day of Action. The rallies take place between Cairns and Brisbane.

The rallies follow the Royal Commission in Aged Care and Safety and passed their findings on to Prime Minister Scott Morrison last Friday. Mr Morrison has yet to publish the federal government’s position on the results.

« The QNMU and all Australians are waiting for Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to the crisis in Australian private elderly care, » said Ms. Mohle.

« As we wait, elderly Australians continue to suffer from chronic and systemic staff shortages in private elderly care facilities. All federal politicians should be held accountable for their positions on protecting vulnerable elderly Australians. »

Ms. Mohle will attend the 10am rally outside the office of ALP MP Jim Chalmers in Logan Central Plaza on Wembley Road.

A second rally in Brisbane will also take place in front of the election office of LNP MP Trevor Evans in Albion.

Mr. Chalmers represents more than 22,500 Brisbane voters aged 60 and over and has not yet signed the QNMU’s pledge to regulate the federal law on safe federal staffing in private elderly care.

Mr Evans, who represents over 22,000 voters aged 60 and over, has not signed the QNMU’s pledge. No LNP or national MPs have signed the pledge.

« The federal government’s repeated refusal to intervene means that there is no federal law in Australia requiring even one nurse to be in a private elderly care facility at any given time, » Ms. Mohle said.

« It means that unlike childcare or hospitals, there is no federal law stating how private elderly care facilities should be staffed. As a result, thousands of older Australians continue to suffer from chronic staff shortages. »

« We’re not going to allow another elderly care review to be put on the shelf to collect dust. We want a commitment to action now. »


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