World news – Outrage over Capricornia MP’s reaction to the latest sex scandal


Capricornia MP Michelle Landry created a storm of controversy after she said she felt « bad » for a Liberal worker who was fired after allegedly engaging in sex on a politician’s desk.

Reports of male government executives engaging in sexual acts in the Canberra House of Parliament were revealed in a story that aired on Channel 10 Monday night.

Ms. Landry, Deputy Minister for Children and Deputy Minister for Northern Australia, raised the issue in front of Parliament on Tuesday morning.

« The young man was concerned … he was a really good worker and he loved the place, » she said.

The video with Ms. Landry’s comments was posted on Twitter by Tegan George, a federal policy reporter on Channel 10.

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally responded when Ms. Landry’s comments were brought to her when she was holding a press conference in Parliament’s press gallery minutes later.

« She said she felt bad for him because he loved working here. Is that what Michelle Landry said? » Senator Keneally said.

« How about a bad feeling for the cleaners who had to come in and clean after this nasty mess? How about a bad feeling for the female MP whose desk was not respected?

« I have run out of words that this is Michelle Landry’s answer. Honestly, no words. »


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