World news – Panic buying hit flood plains, supermarket shelves without bread


Published: 22:00 GMT March 21, 2021 | Updated: 23:05 GMT, March 21, 2021

Panic buying hit supermarkets across New South Wales as the heaviest rain in a century caused flash floods and blocked main roads.

The Woolworths supermarket in Lakewood on The state’s central north coast was stripped of bread last night after residents in nearby North Haven, Laurieton, Dunbogan and Diamond Head were evacuated.

In towns on the Camden Haven River, 22 miles south of Port Macquarie, gave there was panic buying reminiscent of the Covid lockdowns a year ago. « I went to the stores to get bread for the children’s breakfast and there was literally nothing on the shelves, » a mother of two told Daily Mail Australia.

Panic buying has hit supermarkets across New South Wales as flood-hit cities grapple with the heaviest rainfall in a century. The Woolworths supermarket in Lakewood on the central north coast of the state was stripped of bread last night.

“I was so angry and frustrated that we had no electricity for days and a lot of groceries for simple meals were gone when I arrived .

To make matters worse, the Pacific Highway between Taree and Coopernook is closed and the food supply to Sydney and the Central Coast stops.

As of Monday morning, the Camden Haven River in Laurieton was 1.19 meters above sea level and fell slowly with minor flooding.

The state rescue service issued an evacuation order indicating that the flood should be stopped at 2.1 meters and higher than 1978. Shown is the oval in Laurieton, which is now under water.

The state rescue service issued an evacuation order, which indicated that the flood should be 2.1 meters high and higher than 1978.

North of Port Macquarie residents of Kempsey were ordered to evacuate on Sunday, with major flooding possible along the Macleay River in Kempsey and Smithtown on Monday morning.

Evacuation orders are now for low-lying areas in Kempsey, Macksville, Port Macquarie, the lower Macleay, Wauchope and Rawdon Island, Taree and Wingham available.

Locals are asked to bring possessions above the predicted high water level, bring pets, essential items, warm clothing, medication, insurance documents and valuables, and stay with family or friends or go to evacuation centers.

Kempsey saw 173mm of rain between 9:00 a.m. Sunday and 4:00 a.m. Monday n and won’t let up.

Heavy rain is likely to cause flash floods and will pose serious risk to northern rivers and the central north coast on Monday and Tuesday, said the Bureau of Meteorology.

The central north coast has stopped the heaviest rain in a century. Pictured is Short Street in Port Macquarie on Saturday

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