World news – People are mad that James Corden received a Golden Globe Nod for his « offensive » portrayal of a gay man


The unrepentant violence that James Corden is doing a homophobic portrayal of a gay man in a gay rights musical.

Other than personal views on James Corden, one of the biggest problems with hiring one is heterosexual actor for a gay role in the fact that their interpretation of what « gay » means is so often stereotypical and problematic.

At least if it’s a gay actor that’s less of a problem.

So … couldn’t we get a gay man to play James Corden’s role on #TheProm? Have you all been too busy? Do we still think it’s kosher when non-LGBTQIA people aggressively play extravagant, stereotypical gay characters?

Does anyone ever learn? LMK.

James Corden receives a Golden Globe nomination for his offensive and mediocre performance in The Prom … There Are Aluminum Globes

James Corden in the prom has pushed back the gay rights movement by a few decades and was awarded a golden one World nominated

You tell me James « makes a vague impression of a gay person around 1990 » Corden was nominated for DAS for a golden globe?

James Corden was nominated because he was so gay for an hour .

I’ve been doing this for three decades and have nothing to show but body dysmorphism and some Chromatica Oreos.

James Corden is gay for two hours and receives a Golden Globe nomination. I’ve been playing straight for 23 years and all I get is a trauma

James Corden gets nominated for a gold globe but not for Meryl Streep for prom. That’s why they call it the comedy category!


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