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World news – Piers reveals the cause of Meghan’s tantrum

Meghan Markle's nemesis, Piers Morgan, revealed what was on his mind before and after a notorious tantrum.

Firebrand morning show host and Meghan Markle’s archenemy Piers Morgan have spoken at length about what took him to the storm in a now infamous tantrum and what he did immediately afterwards.

In a fiery interview with Fox News this morning, he said it was about « free speech ».

« I got hired by ITV to do the morning show because they were struggling with the ratings. They wanted me to mess things up. I was a person with a high opinion and they knew it, » he said.

« We’ve tripled ratings over five years and the last day, ironically, was the first day we beat the BBC.

« Instead, I’ve been put in a position where ‘you’ll have to apologize … or your position is untenable’. »

He said he took the time to make a decision and thought of the advice his late manager would have given him.

« I took a long walk through West London, it was a beautiful, sunny day, » he recalls.

« He would tell me, trust your gut, and my gut told me I’d be damned for giving my opinion. »

He said he then returned to ITV and told them, « Excuses won’t get you anywhere. Basically, I’m not going to apologize for not believing Meghan Markle. »

Then he found out that Meghan and Prince Harry had complained to both ITV boss Carolyn McCall and the British media authority Ofcom.

This morning he admitted that he « shouldn’t have left my seat » as he stormed off the set, but revealed why he did it.

« I was angry because I felt like there was a growing feeling, if you didn’t believe Meghan in everything she said then the problem was that you were the racist and there couldn’t possibly be her lied, « he said.

In his interview this morning, he also cheered on Good Morning Britain’s Alex Beresford – the host who called him the morning he stormed off the set – and said he had no journalistic credibility.

« He’s the stand-in-weather guy, he’s not a journalist, someone I’ve helped in his career as he asked me to, » he said.

« I specifically asked him to come this morning … he wanted to explain it to us and the moment he went on the air came with a premeditated attack on me that was quite personal.

« I walked away … I was pretty angry the moment that I have personal revenge against Meghan Markle, which I don’t. »

Morgan also spoke about Sharon Obsourne, who stood up for her buddy Piers, saying he should have the right to freedom of expression.

As a result, she lost her role on the CBS panel show The Talk, and that hurt Piers more than leaving GMB.

« It’s unsettling to see a good friend of mine getting depressed. Sharon was very deliberately depressed … all because she dared to tweet that I was entitled to my opinion, » Morgan said.

« It was one of the toughest days of my career. Sharon immediately went on Twitter defending my right to speak. She’s a loyal friend and my God paid her to do it. »

« Talking about yourself … is their only currency … without them being just a few other celebrities on the Huxta Trail, » he said.

He tried Meghan’s Hollywood career and admitted that he liked her show suits and praised Harry for going to war.


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