World news – Priyanka Chopra on Kamala Harris to be Vice President: « Welcome to the Club, America »


When Stephen Colbert asked Priyanka Chopra how she felt as a South Asian woman when Kamala Harris became Vice President of America, Chopra said it was an emotional moment for her friends and family, but she added that this was out Coming from a country like India has seen many women as president and prime minister, it was high time for America to finally have it

“You know, welcome to the club, America. I will say that. High time I hope this isn’t the first? She said. Kamala Harris is the first woman to become Vice President of America. She is also the first South Asian and first black person to do this

I hope there are many, many, because this is how governance should be. Leadership looks amazing, especially when it’s diverse and reflects what the world really looks like. Chopra added.

The video clip of the interview has since gone viral on the internet as her fans couldn’t be happier with Priyanka Chopra’s response, which made India’s position on female government leadership clear and possibly higher than America’s. Social media users applauded Priyanka Chopra for this

. @priyankachopra captures exactly what I felt about the gender aspect of Kamala Harris being elected Vice Prez of the United States. – Nistula Hebbar (@nistula) January 29, 2021

Nice presentation of facts! As @priyankachopra said in an interview with @StephenAtHome about a South Asian veep in the US, « Welcome aboard America! » I’m a huge supporter of #BidenHarris by the way, but it’s time the US had a woman at the helm too. – Dr. Geeta Menon (@geeta_menon) January 27, 2021

When Vogue magazine decided to have Kamala Harris on its cover, Chopra took to Instagram to express her delight. She said it was promising to see a black woman, an Indian woman, and a woman whose parents were born outside of America graced the cover of Vogue magazine as the elected vice president. She said, « And could there be anything special, as the vice-president-elect put it, other than the fact that little girls only know one world where a woman is the vice-president of the United States. »


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