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World news – Queensland pushed to prepare for further flooding, with falling more than 200mm in some areas

Queenslanders, particularly in the southeast, are being urged to prepare for hundreds of wet weather and flood conditions today, with hundreds of calls to SES in the past 24 hours and up to 200mm in some areas.

NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian holds a media conference on the NSW weather emergency and the coronavirus situation

Queenslanders, especially in the southeast, are urged to prepare for wetter weather and floods today.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said the imminent threat of severe weather is over, but the southeast still has the potential for isolated heavy rain with thunderstorms.

Flood warnings remain for the Nerang and Coomera rivers. As of yesterday morning, the catchment area has seen rainfall between 60 and 230 millimeters (mm).

Brian Cox, SES director of Queensland, said the crews had received more than 300 calls for help – mostly near Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast – and four quick water rescues done.

« [There was a] couple down to the southeast where a bushwalker was caught and couldn’t get over a swollen creek, and one person actually on the waterway who needed to be rescued.

« There is more weather on the way and with that saturation we are really concerned about the high risk of flash floods, both over roads and in residential areas. »

Several community areas received severe storm warnings yesterday, taking the suburbs of Gold Coast were placed under an emergency alert and residents were advised to consider moving to higher areas.

The pouring rain cut roads and cuts drained catchment areas. Places like Deception Bay, north of Brisbane, got more than 200mm of rain since 9:00 a.m. yesterday. « Dad’s a tradie with his own business so he’s stuck with no sick leave, » Ms. Cosovan said / p> « I’m a teacher, so I’m on emergency flood leave for a bit. But I doubt it will last as long as I need it. »

« Yesterday, the heaviest sums on the Gold Coast were more in Backcountry, so North Tamborine recorded 239mm and of course there are still a few showers in the area, « she said.

Several theme parks have, including Dream World, WhiteWater World, Movie World and Paradise Country on the Gold Coast closed their gates due to the wild weather. Sea World stays open.

Party Hooves, a local company, said the water on their property in Deception Bay was running so fast that they had to rescue three ponies from a rear paddock and push them through the flood.

The Sunshine Coast is also soaked. More than 130mm has fallen in Maroochydore since yesterday morning.

« There is still a lot of rain for sure, so still a pretty rainy morning, and a lot of rain on the radar this morning, » she said.

« A little above the water north of the bay there is still some potential today for the rehabilitation of these heavier falls.

 » Even so, there is a very humid atmosphere over Southeast Queensland … so some more serious falls are certainly possible.  »

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